Rihanna Becomes Dior’s New Face

Rihanna is known most for her music and her gifted voice, but she has now made history for something completely new. Rihanna has become the new face for Dior, and that makes her the first black to ever be the face of such an iconic brand. Rihanna deserves this new position for sure, and what happened will be celebrated by all of her fans.

Rihanna is a popular and gifted music artists, and now she has the chance to be something more. As the face of a iconic brand, a whole new world is opened up to the singer. What Rihanna chooses to do with the new position that she has been given will be up to her, but her fans will celebrate what she has been given, no matter what. Rihanna deserves this chance to be a voice and a face for a brand that is loved by many, and as Wikipedia can tell you Dior will definitely benefit from having her as their new face.

Milan Fashion Week Reveals Stunning Hair Trends

When the world of fashion has no novelty in clothes, it is still not a complete failure because you have accessories, shoes and hairstyles to look forward to. The Milan Fashion Week has introduced some pretty amazing hair trends that everyone should try out –

Casual Comb Over – The line between perfect side parting and messing up your fringe in the process is pretty thin. Jil Sander, however, did it pretty well in this look.

90s Topknot – The waterfall topknot is back, thanks to Prada. This look was all the rage in the 90s but Prada’s version is less hipster, more effortless chic. Plus, it lets you use your antique barrettes.

Scrows – Cornrows are swell but a bit outdated. Scrappy cornrows – or scrows – on the other hand, are pretty feisty and fresh. All the accolades go to Trussardi for bringing this look to the world.

Tiara’d Hair – Wearing tiaras is a hair trend because a simple ponytail can be made otherworldly and glamorous by its addition. Dolce and Gabbana, on the other hand, used it to add another dimension to a drab center part in this look.

Super Volume Posh Hair – Christian Broda remembers that, in the 1980s, this look by Moschino was all the rage and now it’s back. Except it’s sleeker, more polished and even more powerful than ever before.

Tiny Faux Hive – Fendi upped the ante with a tiny faux beehive that doesn’t look dress-box like but manages to convey elegance and style.

Ashton Kutcher Wants Diaper Changing Areas in All Restrooms

New father and actor Ashton Kutcher believes that men and women should be treated as equals. The doting dad recently took notice to the lack of diaper changing stations in men’s public restrooms.

The actor noticed, while out and about with his daughter Wyatt that diaper changing stations were not typically available in men’s public restrooms, while most female public restrooms have the devices.

The former ‘That 70s Show’ star took to Twitter to air his displeasure in the genders.
“There are NEVER diaper changing stations in public men’s restrooms,” Kutcher wrote. “The first restroom I go into that has one will get a free shout out on my Facebook page!”

Kutcher also couldn’t help but to gush about his fiancee’s parenting skills.
“She’s so beautiful!” Kutcher commented. “I come home after working all day and everything is neat and perfect. It’s amazing!”

Banking industry leaders tell us that Wyatt is Kutcher’s daughter with actress Mila Kunis. Although the pair only came into a romantic relationship in recent years, they spent years portraying one online as Kelso and Jackie in “That 70s Show.”

What would we do without wine…

The Antique Wine company specializes in fine, and rare wines. This company is based out of London. The Antique Wine Company was established by Stephen Williams, in the year of 1982. The sophisticated company has over 20,000 customers, from 70 different countries. The companies cellars hold over 10,000 bottles of the worlds finest vintages. They are known to break records with their wine collections, even in fine wine events. They broke the world record for the most valuable white wine that was ever sold. The bottle was Chateau d’ Yquem, made in the year of 1811. It was sold for 75,000 dollars. The Antique Wine Company sources rare wines, and holds private classes for mastering wine, and proper cellar planning.
The Grand Chateau series was created by the Antique Wine Company. The series contained hand crafted cabinets, with architectural models, picked from the top nine chateaux in Bordeaux. Each was made to store eighteen bottles from their coinciding estate, which was produced in the twentieth, and twenty first centuries.
Moving onto the buyer of the bottle Chateau d’ Yquem(1811), Christian Vanneque. Mr. Vanneque is a former sommelier. After purchasing the bottle he decided to display it in one of his restaurants. Mr. Vanneque’s restaurant is located in Bali, and is called the SIP Sunset Grill. This is a popular place to dine at. A plus, Mr. Vanneque’s choice of wine is superb. Therefore, no need to worry about being served cheapness in a wine glass.
Back to the Antique Wine Companies most popular recommendations. Firstly, it is one hundred percent Chardonnay,(2011, Celilo Vineyard Chardonnay). It was bottled in White Salmon, Washington. Grown in soil that is pulverized basalt. It is very porous and loose, this helps with deep rooting. This wine has a clean mineral character, and an expensive texture.
Another popular recommendation is the Rioja Grand Reserva(2001). This wine has a sophisticated, fresh taste, with moderately strong acidity, it still grasps an original sandalwood scented, dusty bouquet. The taste combines a multitude of sweet berry flavor, so distinct you can taste the different fresh berries. The satin like finish whispers to you to take another taste.

Man Proposes to Girlfriend Everyday for a Year Without Her Knowing

Dean Smith wanted to make his marriage proposal to his girlfriend Jennifer Kessel something special that she would never forget. I think he succeeded!

This story comes from The Daily Mail and is the sweetest thing I’ve seen today. For Jennifer’s birthday, she and Dean took a family trip to the beautiful island of Aruba. It was there that Dean put his proposal plan into action.

With help from Jennifer’s family, Dean got her down to the beach and into a chair, with her back to the ocean. There, her family gave her a device to watch a video on. This video showed Dean with a whiteboard, leaving a message on it everyday for the past year asking Jennifer to marry him. He wanted to show her that he thought about her everyday and demonstrate how special she is to him. While doing everyday things, such as brushing his teeth and eating breakfast, Dean holds up the whiteboard that has messages of marriage and love on it.

Dan Newlin has heard that at the end of the video, Jennifer is instructed to turn around. When she did, she saw Dean waiting behind her with his handy whiteboard asking her the question one more time. Her family circled around them while he dipped down to one knee in front of her. Of course she said yes.

Kim Kardashian, Surprising Outfits Capture Attention at Paris Fashion Week

There was a paparazzi scrambling that was never seen before at Paris Fashion Week. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Kris Jenner, and more were all front row in this year’s fashion extravaganza, causing cameras to flash faster than usual.

Typical of a Balmain show, Kimmy sported platinum blonde hair, Kanye wore a striking tuxedo, and the rest of the A-listers seemed to dress with extra flare in order to gain attention, although Jason Halpern reminds us that is the point of fashion week.

Because of the recent killings at Charlie Hebdo, Olivier Rousteing – a designer at Balmain – wanted to revive France’s history of free thought and artistry in spite of threats from lunatics and religious fanatics. He said that Paris is a global melting pot and should be celebrated as such.

Gawdy outfits sported wild combinations of color (green, purple, and orange), large pleats, face masks, and almost-bare breasts.

More party decorations than party clothes, the collection was full of gaudy color combinations (orange, purple and green), and cartoonish silhouettes (pleated palazzo pants that squeezed all the wrong places and furs with out-to-there shoulders). It was a look only a Kardashian could love.

Van Noten used his music theme from his collection in the spring to dress his models as performers and musicians.

Balmain’s fall and winter collection included a grungy look that sported saggy, drooping fabrics contrasted with glitter, sequins, and an electro-neon feel. The industrial look clashed with the upbeat hip hop chains that shined in the light and were almost blinding.

Vows Recited To Brides Daughter Leaves Guest In Tears

Weddings leave everyone emotional and crying tears of happiness. But, when groom Brain Scott not only recited vows with his bride but to her daughter as well, there Flavio Maluf says there was not a dry eye in the place. A video from Brain and Whitney Kay’s wedding was posted on social media not long ago has already gotten around 1 million views and over half of them views came from within the past day.

In the vows that Brian swore to 6 years old Brielle, he promised to comfort her, protect her, skip down the street with her, and ultimately show her how a man should treat a woman by setting an example with his relationship with her mother. This is a moment that not only Brielle will remember forever, but their entire little family as well. NASCAR’s Brian Scott is a man others should look up to. He will be a great step dad to Brielle and a great dad to the son him and Whitney just brought into the world this past November.

Wedding Bells Without the Flowers

When two people want to get married, they often seek the assistance of a florist to get the flowers they need for the ceremony. One florist in the state of Washington could go to court because it refused services to a gay couple. The florist is run by an owner who is a Christian. This doesn’t mean that the florist has to deny making flowers for a wedding. The reason the florist didn’t sell the flowers to the couple is because of her religious beliefs. Bruce Karatz even said when a state acknowledges that gay and lesbian couples can get married, then they should be afforded the same rights of having the wedding that they want, just like everyone else. There are people who might not like the fact that couples of the same sex can get married, but that’s their decision if they want to be happy. No one should stop two people from being together, including a business that is only there to supply flowers.

Meet Best Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich In A Life Journey

Wedding season is quickly approaching and for many of us that means hitting the gym, starting that diet you’ve been putting off and getting fit to fit into that bridesmaid dress. However, what if you could get rid of those problems in only an afternoon. I recently spoke with Dr. Rod Rohrich about his plastic surgery practice and learned all about his truly fascinating impact on cosmetic surgery.
Texas-based medical veteran, Dr. Rodney Rohrich leads a successful career. He chairs the UT Southwestern-Medical-Center and has been a component of the faculty for over two decades. His main specialty includes plastic surgery, but he’s a board-certified professional who practices cosmetic reconstructive techniques. Dr. Rohrich’s main focus includes bone and skin tissue restoration. He practices reconstructive surgical techniques on the face and hands too. He has done work which involves corrective procedures to enhance the body such as breast implants, skin aging therapy, etc.

Dr. Rohrich serves the medical community as an educator, an author, and a visionary. As a top industry veteran, he’s a recipient of multiple accolades and awards. He’s a respected industry pioneer whose influence has reached the global sphere. He invested in starting a medical career twenty-eight years ago and has propelled to success in ways unimagined. Dr. Rohrich grew up in North Dakota where he funded an education at the UND (University-of-North-Dakota) and NDSU (North-Dakota-State-University). He then relocated to study medicine at Texas-based University, Baylor College. His years spent at Baylor in Houston, Texas are memorable. Baylor is the fountain of his inspiration. Dr. Rohrich graduated from Baylor as a highly decorated student and decided to return after completing his residency. He’s a graduate of the respected UMICH (University-of-Michigan). During his residency, he worked closely under the guidance of prolific mentors Dr. Stephen Mathes, Dr. Reed Dingman and Dr. William Grabb. Dr. Rohrich pursued training at Harvard’s MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Oxford University’s The Radcliffe Infirmary.

Dr. Rohrich has remarkable skills and his work showcase ground-breaking techniques, which separates him from other plastic surgeons. He has made appearances on the Oprah-Winfrey-Show, The View, Good-Morning-America and top-featured tv shows. Besides being an industry pioneer in plastic surgery, his clients see him as a compassionate character. Dr. Rohrich has partnered with multiple medical factions, including top-ranked hospitals UT Southwestern-Medical-Center (University-of-Texas-Southwestern-Medical-Center), the Children’s-Medical-Center-of-Dallas, Baylor-University-Medical-Center, Veterans-Affairs-North-Texas-Health-Care-System and Medical-City-Dallas-Hospital.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rohrich has twenty-eight years of field experience. He’s a member of the ABPS (American-Board-of-Plastic-Surgery). He’s a licensed Florida-State and Texas-State medical practitioner. He has received certification as a hand surgeon with twenty-five years of fieldwork. Dr. Rohrich is a recipient of multiple America’s Top Doctors awards by Castle Connolly. D Magazine has recognized Dr. Rohrich for his remarkable work as a top-ranked plastic surgeon in 2012.

Style for Spring 2015

In 2015, the fashion world is going to amaze us with latest and creative designs, especially in spring of 2015.

In the upcoming weeks, we will experience spring 2015 collections in New York Fashion Week. There are rumors that the theme will be on 1970s, for class, elegance and motivation. The designers will be seeking from 70s, about the style and grace.

As per the “Annie Hall” of 1977, the pants of men will have little spark in the spring 2015. Spark means shine here, so this must be, cleared from the minds. Moreover, shiny jumpsuits and tailored jackets collaborated with wide leg trousers can be the big themes in the upcoming summer collection as per Bowring.

Many forecasters have anticipated that long hemlines with mid-calf skirts can be, continued in the fashion week. On JusBrasil, that seems to be the case. Also, culottes, wide-leg, big, not short dresses, have been speculated by many forecasters and fans such as Gianfrancesco Genoso in the upcoming New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

The collections in these fashion weeks are, expected with various shades of colors, especially in purple and lilac. We can expect those big bouquets, with these apparels for the Hawaiian theme. Seriously, this will be a great fun to watch 70s again in 2015 by the fashion industry; it will be a great tribute to that panache.