A Beneful Diet Creates Healthy Dogs

Dogs are said to be “man’s best friend” and many people consider them part of the family. It is only good sense we would want to take care of their health. We depend on them for companionship, love, loyalty and in some cases protection and they depend on us to take care of their health. Some of the common health problems with dogs are: * Ear Infections This is the most common of dog health issues and can be caused by various influences; bacteria, hair growth deep in the ear, yeast, allergies and ear mites. There are signs to watch for to know if your dog is suffering from an ear infection: * Ear odor * Redness of the inside ear canal * Brown, yellow or in some cases a bloody discharge * Unusual back and forth eye movements * Head shaking or tilting of the head * Excessive scratching * Not being able to balance It is important for your dog to see your veterinarian if you suspect an ear infection. These can usually be cleared by cleaning and medication. With medication, your dog’s ear infection will clear quickly. Worms and Your Dog Common internal parasites found in dogs are; tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. A worm infestation will make your dog uncomfortable. In the case of puppies, worms can be fatal. Signs to watch for if you think your dog has worms: * A change in appetite * A rough, dry coat * Weight loss * An overall poor appearance * Dragging or scooting their behind on floor Treatment will depend on the type of worm your dog has. Visit with your veterinarian to determine which one you need to medicate for. A big factor in your dog’s health comes in the foods you feed them. PurinaStore believes the best nutrition for your dog should be personalized to your dog’s breed, age and current health. Beneful made by Purina is created from real ingredients like meat and vitamin rich vegetables to deliver all the nutrients your dog needs. All of their products meet federal and state regulations and are formulated to help your dog thrive. They have a variety to meet all the needs of your pet; three varieties of original, a healthy weight formula, keeping a puppy healthy formula and an active dog formula. Whatever stage of life your pet is in, Beneful has a nutritious and flavorful food on Walmart for you to keep them healthy.

Skout Is Where I Display My Love For TV Shows And Movies

I don’t use Skout in the traditional sense. I specifically use Skout for one particular reason. When I use the Skout network, I share my love of TV shows, music and movies. I have made tons of friends on the Skout network, and my favorite’s list is overpacked. The people I talk to on the Skout network are very fun, and we all discuss one show or another that comes on each week. We literally have a time that we all go on the Skout network to discuss a certain show that may have come on the day before.

There is one show in particular that started in early 2015, and it’s a hip-hop drama that has amazing music and Academy Award nominated stars. The show is known as the number one show on TV, and it is now back for a second season. We all gather on the Skout network on Thursday evenings to discuss the show from the night before because the show plays on Wednesday nights. Our discussions are unbelievable, and we’ve even drawn in some new people into our conversations, and Skout even has another network that allows me to start my own social media network and talk to several people at once.

Another show that we love to discuss is a zombie show that comes on every Sunday. We were thrilled to find out that they were creating an exact copy of the same show with different characters in a different city. Everyone goes crazy talking about this show on Mondays on the Skout network, and it goes on like this throughout the week. We meet three times a week or more to talk about different shows, but if a movie is exciting enough, we’ll be on Skout to talk about it as well.

Sometimes, some of the people that I talk to on Skout are too busy, and they can’t join in the conversation, so they’ll actually message me on Skout, and I’ll give them information about the conversations we had earlier. Skout has brought a lot of fun to my life, especially since I have people to talk to and ask questions when I don’t understand something that I’ve seen in a show or movie. I absolutely hate being the only one who didn’t understand something I’ve seen, and having friends on the Skout network makes it a lot year find out what I missed in a show or movie.

Another thing I love about Skout is the fact that I can use it as a place to date, which I haven’t worked up to yet, but I’m definitely thinking about it. Skout truly leaves your options open!

Doe Deere Inspiring Women to Be Leaders

Women leaders are often risk takers who are assertive, goal oriented, and have strong persuasive skills. Doe Deere is a female business leader who came to the United States from Russia and created her own cosmetic line Lime Crime. She began a DIY fashion line on eBay and got inspired to create a cosmetic brand that included bold and bright colors. By 2008 Lime Crime was launched and began to attract a large following of fans.

Doe Deere begins each day as the CEO of Lime Crime by meeting with her creative director and coming up with goals and ideas for projects. Afterwards, Deere meets with the President and Vice President of the makeup line to make sure that everyone in the company understands the direction that the company wants to go. Then, the CEO works on developing new products with a chemist or directing advertising visuals. Her strong leadership skills help her company stay profitable and relevant.

Lime Crime is a cosmetic line that is cruelty free. The makeup is not tested on animals. In fact, Doe Deere tests the new products on herself before they go into production. She believes that she must live and feel the product in order to stay authentic to her customers and company. Deere knows what she wants her company to stand for and has a clear picture of what her clients want. She believes that women in business should stay optimistic when dealing with business situations and the public.

Deere began her company with only a little money and a vision. She wants to inspire women to do the same. She encourages her fan base to pursue their dreams. The CEO of Lime Crime believes that inspiration is important for female leaders to have. she encourages women not to give up on daydreaming because they can lead to bigger and better things.

Cosmetics should allow people to express themselves. For this reason, lime Crime has become a favorite makeup line to cosmetic bloggers. The colors are vivid and can help users create a totally new look. In fact, Lime Crime makeup can be used so that clients can create totally new looks each day depending on their mood and social life. Doe Deere began as what she described as a “Plain Jane” but discovered how makeup can help inspire new dreams. She encourages fans to stay creative and find their passions.

One business strategy that has led to Lime crime being successful is that Doe Deere treats her employees, partners, and vendors with respect. The business leader wants to help uplift people’s spirits and drive them to achieve their goals.

Madison Street Capital Gets Spotlight On Today In America TV

Nowadays it is possible to get quality education on free channels via the internet. For instance you can find lecture notes and homework assignments in mathematics courses from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In that vein, “Today in America TV” produces quality videos that are entertaining and educational, but geared for the educated viewer. “Today in America TV” makes its free videos easily available on sites such as YouTube.

The show is hosted by football’s legendary Terry Bradshaw, who quarterbacked the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl championships. Nowadays he lends his credibility and charisma to good causes, such as this piece on helping American businesses, and individuals as well, to stay ahead of the game. This video points out that the financial sector in America is undergoing an immense transitory phase, due to the fallout of the Financial Crisis of 2008, where major US banks failed. That time left the industry struggling with credibility issues.

This video highlights that one business, Madison Street Capital, has managed to maintain their business through that period and continued to progress. Surprisingly, Madison Street Capital (MSC) succeeded in attaining this because their vision was on more than just the bottom line.

For businesses, this video explains that it has become tougher for new startups and even established companies to find capital funds; and on the other end when an owner is looking to sell his/her business it is difficult to get a correct valuation of your own business. Madison Street Capital is recognized as a knowledgeable respected third party that facilitates financial dealings. They find ways of getting capital infusions, which young business owners are not aware of their existence. And advisors must have knowledge of the cutting edge metrics to use to arrive at a fair valuation of the owners’ business.

Coming from the avenue of education is fundamental to Madison Street Capital. A successful intermediary knows to gain a thorough understanding of their clients’ business models. “Today in America TV” points out that MSC will seek to educate their clients and is willing to give out tough love to help them to understand, even though this may not be the optimal strategy for gaining new business clients. It is a noble goal for executives to seek to make their clients better people coming out of every meeting than when they came in, and make business takes a back seat to education.

Although this educational video was focused on Madison Street Capital’s successes in America, MSC is more than that. They have international business as well, which is essential for being able to find the best use of capital for their clients. Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that believes the value of people is greater than any other asset. MSC provides corporate financial advisory services to publicly and privately owned organizations.

The Professional Career Of Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes has been working as a Michael Jackson impersonator for many years and is actually one of the top ones in the country. Sergio Cortes has a long history of impersonating the artist and even fools quite a lot of people because of his knowledge of the King of Pop. Since his death, many people have considered impersonating Michael Jackson in order to make a career out of it. Sergio Cortes was around before everyone else decided that they wanted to do these types of impersonations and this is what sets him apart from so many of the others out there.

One of the aspects that sets Sergio Cortes apart from so many of the other impersonators is that he has done his homework and research on Michael Jackson. Not only has he seen the King of Pop in person many years ago, but he has also made sure to watch and mimic any of the videos that he has seen over the years. By doing this, it has allowed him to be one of the top Sergio Cortes impersonators in the world. Many people come to see his shows from far and wide when he is performing for a crowd.

Sergio Cortes performs in a wide variety of venues so that people can see his skills when performing as the King of Pop. In fact, you may be able to catch a show by Sergio Cortes in one of the many cities where you will be able to find this type of entertainment. People come from all areas of the country to see Sergio Cortes just because of how closely he is able to impersonate Michael Jackson. This is what has made his career one of the most unique in the industry and why he continues to do this for those who have a love for Michael Jackson.

Because you cannot go and see Michael Jackson anymore when it comes to concerns and live performances, going to see an impersonator like Sergio Cortes is the next best thing. These individuals have spent their entire career making sure that they impersonate the individual as closely as possible. This is why Sergio Cortes is a great performer and has made sure to bring in a crowd no matter where he happens to be. There are lots of benefits to going to see Sergio Cortes if this is something that is of interest to you.

New York Real Estate sector on the Boom

According to an article published in Luxury Daily http://www.luxurydaily.com/new-york-real-estate-reaches-record-high/ investors in the real estate sector have all the reasons to smile. The industry is reported to have grown by at least 9.5% in Manhattan for a record of seven years according to figures released by StreetEasy. It is estimated that one in five homes in the region can be categorized as luxury homes thanks to their high pricing. Despite the prices, the houses are in high demand with investors prospecting further growth in future.

Renting a house in Manhattan doesn’t come easy as one will have to part with $3,339 in monthly rent. And if you thought that it is only to rent prices that are skyrocketing, owning a home is more of a task. Median home sales are reported to have jumped by from 6.3% in 2014 to 9% this year. There was a slight slip in prices in 2015 coming into the third quarter, but the figures indicate a positive trend in growth rates. According to Town Residential, a New York Real Estate Brokerage firm, there is no cause for alarm as the property value is bound to increase over the days.

Town Residential is the New York’s leading real estate brokerage firm. Town Residential was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, who is the CEO and is co-chaired by Joseph Sitt. Town Residential specializes in residential property sales, leasing and marketing of property developments.

With an able expertise, the company has been able to build a reputable public profile with its major focus being the delivery of high-quality services. The firm has crafted a working formula through which they market and sell their products to the clients. Town Residential has established to be the leader in the real estate sector in New York.

Help These Adorable Cats In Denver Through CrowdRise

The CrowdRise campaign is opening up many opportunities to help ordinary cats and help them get rescued. Jon Urbana is the man behind this fundraiser, and this charity drive is being brought to you by the Animal Rescue And Adoption Society. The ARAS is the no-kill cat shelter, and you will find that they are committed to help provide a safe place for those cats struggling without a home. This CrowdRise campaign is making it just a little bit easier to bring cats to a safe place. This advocacy program is avoiding cruelty to animals, and they are providing more awareness and helping raise proceeds to lead to the ARAS.

In a video he uploaded to his Vimeo channel earlier tonight, campaign leader Jon Urbana made a plea to the world to pitch in whatever they could afford. Here’s the video:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana is a famous athlete from Villanova who is helping out a whole lot on getting this great charity find to the next level. While he now owns Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Urbana can be easily found on Twitter via DM, in addition to a website he maintains for personal use. As a previously successful lacrosse player, you will find that he has built a great presence and success over the years with his team and growth. Growing up in Denver, Jon has become a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

He has recently just become the co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and it is held in Colorado every single year to help educate younger kids about the sport of lacrosse.

Jon Urbana is a very successful airplane operator who won an FAA certification accolade. He truly knows how to perform and get you to the next level in the world of lacrosse. His work in business and in the development of new ideas on Instagram has helped numerous charities and companies build their brand. Jon Urbana truly knows how to create top of the line campaigns, starting from the blog he writes his articles on at jonurbana.wordpress.com.

Supporting this campaign will make it a thousand times easier to help cats in the area and provide them homes. All the proceeds head down into the ARAS and you will find that they handle all the work very well in so many ways. CrowdRise is a very respectable website that can allow you to get the chance to bring your cash to a charitable organization that will properly help a young cat and stay safe. Giving them shelter, real food, and safety is so much easier when you decide to donate today.

Slyce Promoting New Visual Search Features

Image recognition is a newer technology but it has been growing rapidly in recent years. With visual search, it is possible for someone to snap a picture using their smart phone and have a search service compare the image with its stored database in order to identify the product and come up with the proper listing. Slyce has prove to be one of the leaders of this service and it is moving towards offering its service in even wider spread markets. This is why it is aiming to showcase how the mobile is able to assist shoppers around the country. After all, people see fashionable items out and about all the time. They just haven’t had the opportunity to know where the clothing or accessory comes from. At least until now.

As Yahoo News points out, Slyce is working directly with Shop.org. Here, customers are able to visit the Shop website and gain access to hundreds of thousands of product listings through partnering stores such as JCPenny and Home Depot (just to name a few). Now, people are able to search through the different listings on Shop manually, or they are able to use the new Slyce mobile service, which the company is currently demonstrating. After the app is open and a picture is taken, the service compares dozens of interest points in the product in order to locate exactly what it is they are looking for. The service also shows similar products, just in case the person might want something similar yet slightly different. All of this makes it much easier to do and Slyce is there to improve the way customers perform online searches.

Image recognition is the way of the future and it is all about companies taking advantage of the service. As more customers use it more companies are going to sign up with it as well. So, the next time it comes down to looking for a product online, all an individual needs to do is to check out Slyce and see how it and Shop.org is able to provide the very best search service.

On Demand Cleaning Service with Handy on Demand

In today’s world whatever you desire is possible in most areas of our life with click of a button.
Who knew that one day we could one day download an app that would provide on- demand household services at your fingertips. Services include everything from a Handyman, Plumber, Electrician, or house cleaning. Handy is here for all of your needs.
In a matter of 60 seconds you can schedule the service of your choice with your Handy professional arriving as soon as the next morning. Yes, it’s that simple, once your payment information has been added in the trusted payment system Handy is forever one click away.
Now for those who might have a security concerns Handy professionals have all been local and nationally vetted via national databases before arriving at your door.
So after stumbling across Handy, I decided to use the service, and my experience was nothing short of spectacular. Recently my fiancé and I purchased from handyliquorbar our first home together as much as this is exciting it was a fixer upper and has its setbacks. The backyard looked almost as if it had its on personal tornado, just imagine debris all over and grass so high that we feared what could actually be hidden underneath. We knew we needed to outsource and chose Handy. After downloading the app and providing our credit card information within moments we input our request and received a quote for service. Due to our urgent need we needed the work done the very next day.
The Handy professional showed up on time and brought an assistant. He was a kind gentleman who showed his identification upon arrival and walked the property with my fiancé to verify the work being requested. All of the work was performed beyond our expectation and left us speechless as we knew if we had contacted a traditional service for a last minute request the pricing would have been through the roof. Not only did he complete the work, he actually made suggestions on basic lawn maintenance and how to kill the weeds we assumed to be tall grass in the backyard.
Handy is a service that I would recommend to anyone who is in need of services on demand. The greatest part about the entire experience was having a professional handle everything as requested. However, if for some reason the service was not satisfactory Handy will provide 100% money back guarantee on your service. Now that’s what I call excellent customer service!

Getting My Life Back with Nobilis Health

Do you know that feeling you have when you have been up all night and still have to work the next morning? That was what I was experiencing for the last two months. At first, I thought that I had a little flu bug and shrugged it off. I went to bed at a decent time and slept throughout the night; however, I had to literally drag myself out of the bed each morning. I also noticed that my joints were aching and I kept a dull headache.

After about three days of this, even my family and coworkers were concerned and said that I just was not myself. I have never been one to run to the doctor for every little thing and assured them that it was a short-lived virus. I would sit at my desk and try to focus, but everything was in a haze. It felt like I had to overextend my arm just to reach my phone. When I was listening to people who called, it sounded like their voices were in a deep tunnel.

When woke up on the fourth day and felt just as crummy as the first, my husband urged me to go to the doctor. I almost felt like calling in sick at work, which I never do. Reluctantly, I made an appointment with our family doctor after work. That day at work was miserable and I felt like I was carrying a load of cinder blocks. At my appointment, I explained all my symptoms to my doctor and he ordered a couple of tests and some blood work. He told me that it could be a bug or that I was just a little run-down and needed a break. He gave me a prescription for my aches and sent me on my way.

I got my test results in a couple of days and everything seemed normal. There was nothing wrong with my thyroid numbers and my blood tests were great. In my follow-up appointment, the doctor simply suggested that I take a multivitamin for energy and suggested that I may be ready for menopause. Really? I hardly thought I was ready to go through the change at 38. I did get the multivitamin and my symptoms got progressively worse.

My days consisted of foggy vision, aching joints, and a tiredness that I could feel clear into my bones. When I went back to the doctor, he asked me if I were just depressed. It infuriates me when doctors assume someone has a mental issue just because they cannot diagnose something. I decided to take my sister’s advice and go to a hospital ran by Nobilis Health.

During my first appointment, the doctor sat with me and really listened to my complaints. She gave me a thorough examination and ordered blood work. She told me that I was presenting with classical symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. When I came to my follow-up visit, she went over my test results and confirmed her suspicions. Fortunately, she has worked with many patients who have CHF and started me on a treatment plan.

These days, I am having more good days than bad. I give myself plenty of rest and have slowed the pace of my life a bit. My CFS symptoms are being well-maintained and I have my life back again thanks to the caring medical experts at Nobilis Health facilities.