Alexander Wang’s New Collection for H&M

Alexander Wang has finally revealed his new collection for H&M, the fast-fashion giant we all love. I am a fan of this new collection and have nothing but good things to say about it. The styles have a sporty, futuristic vibe to them that is very cool. The color palate is black and gray. It gives the whole collection a sleek, modern look and feel.

The collection features styles for both women and men. We have arrived at the place where fashion meets fitness. These looks are both sexy and functional. You could go to a party or go for a jog in one of his scuba dresses. While the photos released show models in a gymnasium type location, I think many of these looks would look great for other casual occasions. I really love the scuba pieces (did I mention that?). Overall, I think this is a great collection, and paired with H&M, you know the price will be right.

Christian Broda can’t wait to get his hands on the collection. I’m definitely more than a little excited too.

Farewell, Oscar de la Renta

The fashion industry lost one of its most iconic designers this week when the legendary Oscar de la Renta passed away at age 82 . Known for his innovative and elegant haute couture creations, Oscar de le Renta has dressed some of the world’s most famed women, from every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy to almost all of today’s hottest stars, from Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence to honored Hollywood royalty like Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie. Most recently, one of his dresses was worn as a bridal gown by Amal Alamuddin during her and George Clooney’s nuptials in Venice, Italy.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, Oscar de la Renta got his rise in the fashion world after being offered a job at the renowned fashion house Lanvin in Paris. Soon after, his name brand was launched and it was only a matter of time before his stunning creations captivated the industry and solidified him as one of the fashion world’s most elite.

Although he was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, as of last year he was “all clear” and the immediate cause of death was not released. He passed away at his home in Kent, Connecticut surrounded by family and friends, and though he is gone, the company announced Peter Copping as creative director last week and will continue its seasonal collections.

“The fashion business says goodbye to a mentor, a legend & an icon,” tweeted animal rights activist Keith Mann the night following de la Renta’s death. “He defined a standard we can only aspire to.”

A Brief History of Prison Fashion: From Sagging Pants to Pink Underwear

The trend of “sagging” pants does not seem to be going anywhere. President Obama doesn’t like it and neither does anyone uninterested in seeing a man’s underwear in public.

Many, including Marnie Bennett, are amused at the fact that sagging pants originated in prison. Prisoners are not allowed to have belts, so their pants would sag. Sagging pants was a way to indicate to other inmates that you were a homosexual. This look has been adopted by gangs a rap artists for decades as a way to indicate toughness.

Prison attire has changed quite a bit in the last few hundred years. In the 1800’s prisoners wore black and white striped uniforms. The stripes were said to mimic the prison bars. The uniforms were also used because they were cheap to manufacture.

In 1904, the stripes started to be phased out to distance association with chain gangs which had become regarded as degrading and inhumane. Prison attire was changed to include grey jackets and caps.

In 1958, North Carolina went to a color system of prison attire. Each color represented a different security level of prisoner. Gray was for high-security prisoners while green was for low-security.

In the 1970’s jails began putting prisoners in orange jumpsuits, originally just when they were being transported. This made them easy to spot should they attempt to flee or approach a citizen.

These days some prisons have their own distinct style. For example, in Arizona there is a prison that forces all prisoners to wear pink underwear. Who knows, maybe the pink underwear trend will be the next one to catch on.