High Heels Bring High Pain

There are many health issues that middle aged women have to contend, but one such ailment is quite preventable and that is a foot pain issue which has now been linked to high heels. According to Ciphercloud, Morton’s neuroma is said to feel like walking on razor blades and high heels seem to be the main contributing factor in women who suffer from this problem. Researchers believe that avoiding high heels will greatly reduce the chance of contracting this foot problem.

The nerve endings between the toes are a sensitive area and apparently the equilibrium is put out of balance when a foot is consistently contorted into the awkward high heel form. The largest group of suffers of Morton’s neuroma is seen in woman between the ages of 40 and 69. In this ailment, fibrous tissue develops around a certain nerve in the foot which looks to painful irritation and compression.

Surgery is usually required to relieve the pain that is caused by this nerve agitation. Without surgery the woman will continue to experience the feeling of walking on razor blades which can limit daily activity and bring life to a standstill. This is a serious issue and the new information questions the aesthetic benefits of high heel shoes.

Luxury Stay Accommodations Brought to You by The Dorchester Collection

The Dorchester Collection is a chain of five star hotels to meet even the highest of standards. Spanning across Europe and the Western United States of America sit ten of the finest hotels found on Earth. These hotels exceed every expectation that any visitor may have with ease.

There are many impressive qualities that each of the hotels under the Dorchester Collection possess that make visitors thoroughly amazed. Each of the hotels respect the values of the native people and preserves the culture that surrounds them. History, innovation, fashion, and dining are all key qualities in each hotel’s charm. The floors of Le Meurice in Paris are skillfully and elegantly outlined in the style of Louis XVI. Coworth Park in Ascot offers all adventure-loving, sport-seeking enthusiasts the opportunity to take part in riding lessons as well as the ability to participate in polo, tennis, and croquet. The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California is a must for everyone interested in the latest fashion trends. Your standards, expectations, and visions will be met.

Location is a key component of The Dorchester Collection’s success. The location of each hotel is perfectly selected with customer satisfaction in mind. The Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air accommodate those seeking a view of majestic mountain ranges while enjoying all of the fashion, fine-dining, and sunshine that California has to offer. Le Meurice in Paris is the ideal hot spot for the art-seeking romantic. Still The Dorchester in London is the place to be if your idea of comfort includes a deep bath, unique fabrics, London’s celebrities, and the finest French cuisine that all of London has to offer. There truly is a hotel in The Dorchester Collection that is right for anyone.

Looking to get married? Choose any of the fine hotels in the Dorchester Collection as your unique destination. Each of these hotels is fully equipped to make anyone’s dream wedding the perfect reality! The sights are breath-taking, the staff is accommodating, the food and beverages provided are exquisite, and every guest will be taken care of as if they were royalty. Floor plans are available and waiting for you today.

Though there are many reasons that may bring you to The Dorchester Collection’s hotels, rest assured that you will be taken care of with the finest of care. Business conferences can be hosted in any of the spacious conference rooms available. Spas will ensure that any relaxing getaway will be remarkably refreshing. All rooms in every hotel are designed for style, luxury, and comfort so book a stay today!

Double Treatment room with a private Turkish Bath

Le Spa by Sisley at Dorchester Collections Le Richemond in Geneva. Le Richemond is located on the picturesque shores of Lake Geneva. Founded in 1875, it has welcomed distinguished guests, from Hollywood icons and artists. View more pictures on facebook!

Kim and Kanye Set to Renew Their Vows

Kim Kardashian has had a crazy year so far, from her amazing baby girl growing up right before our eyes, her stepfather recently sharing his decision to live like as a woman and her own personal struggles with fertility, Kim has had her plate full. Now that her one year anniversary is on the way, Kim was ready to finally just kick back and enjoy sone nice relaxing time with her family. Kim insisted that after planning her massive wedding just shy of a year ago, she couldn’t imagine planning another huge event so soon.

Now it seems the Wests have had a change of heart because not only will they be celebrating their one year anniversary in a big way but they are going to actually renew their vows again. Apparently Kim and Kanye are set to renew their vows in Paris, France and Kanye has already rented out the Eiffel Tower for the event.

Kim has said before that Paris is where she first fell in love with her husband, so what better place to renew their vows? The only other question that Susan McGalla has is who is on the guest list and will little brother Rob make it this time?

Women Not Wearing High Heels Face Ban on Cannes Red Carpet

The latest buzz is in response to the Cannes Film Festivals turning away women who did not wear high heels on the red carpet. This came about Sunday when women were denied because they wore flats. Christine Aime, who is from the Cannes Film Festival informed BBC Newsbeat that the rules for tuxedo and formal attire for Gala screenings have not changed. While there is no particular mention about wearing high heels the festival hosts and hostesses were made aware of the need for such a formality.

The event was a screening of Carol, starring Cate Blanchett. A former programmer for the film festival, Vicci Ho, was turned away because she was wearing flats due to ankle issues. She argued with the guards and was finally allowed inside. She told Newsbeat that it has been ridiculous and Cannes needs to catch up with the times. She stated that she was wearing nice leather shoes and formal attire. A producer was turned away until she changed shoes. Asif Kapadia and Kevin Seawright, directors for the Amy Winehouse film, Amy, stated that his wife wore flats and was turned away but allowed in eventually.

The whole incident could be an embarrassment because of the focus of the film, which was directed by women, the first time in 28 years. Organizers are also promoting equality on the red carpet with a UN conference.

Finding Love Online With Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date is a website that was launched to bridge the dating gap between men in the United States and women in Eastern Europe. This website was the brainchild of a couple that had a long distance romance. An American made named David would meet a Russian woman named Elena, and their love inspired them to gives others a chance to meet singles from other continents.

This site has been a popular website for men that are planning to find someone outside of where they are currently living. This works well for wealthy men that have the ability to travel overseas. The concept of meeting women overseas through online dating had not really been explored before Anastasia Date. This is why many people consider this online dating site the pioneer. It would go on to serve as the blueprint for other websites that cater to online dating between Americans and Asians and Americans and Africans.

Anastasia Date is a website that have remained profitable since inception. It is the type of online dating site that allows users to sign up for free. It is when the users wish to communicate with someone that they will have to accept credit card charges for communication in the form of instant messages or video chats. The video chats – although more expensive – are popular for people that want to see who that are pursuing. There are many websites out there, but Anastasia has managed to remain relevant because the company has been able to expand. There is an app available for this dating website. That may be the single most important key to the continued success of the Anastasia Date website.

Lots of people sign up to use this site because the database of females is so huge. There are thousands of Russian women on this website. It has become popular primarily because there is no longer a stigma attached to online dating. Many people meet online and get married. Anastasia Date even offers exclusive specials that you can find by viewing their Twitter.

Using a website like Anastasia Date can save singles a lot of time. It also broadens the scope of women that are available for dating. A site like this can help a man find a mate sooner.

Walking for Two Minutes Could Save Your Life

Stevetastic.com was rocked when it was reported that sitting for long periods of time, such as people do at office jobs for instance, has been discovered to be incredibly unhealthy for you. That’s why things like standing and treadmill desks were invented. However, a recent study reveals a fancy jogging desk really isn’t necessary to reduce the risks found in a sedentary life style.

Researchers discovered sitting for hours at a time increases ones risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and premature death. The risk remains even when someone exercises. Now, scientists are claiming the solution to this problem is getting up and moving around every hour. And it doesn’t have to be for long either, the study shows risk of disease is significantly reduced in those who walk around for 2 minutes in between sitting sessions.

Dr. Srinivasan Beddhu was the lead author of the study which took place at the University of Utah, he explains the results from walking a mere 2 minutes each hour greatly reduced the risk of premature death and disease. Beddhu claims this is likely due to a shift in energy balance within the body’s systems. However, the doctor advises that the study was observational only so the results have not been confirmed or elaborated upon.

Even though the study’s results are yet to be confirmed, it certainly doesn’t hurt to get out of your chair each hour and take a stroll. Who knows, it might end up saving your life.

Brides Loot Store, One Runs With Three Dresses

A number of furious brides in Limerick, Ireland looted a store after the owner failed to provide their wedding dresses, either giving them wrong samples or nothing at all.

Shirley Flanagan charged each woman upward of 800 euros in cash to order each the wedding dress of their dreams. Months later, Flanagan failed to provide the dresses according to FreedomPop.

Before the fiasco, one bride grew suspicious after seeing negative reports on the store Facebook page, but when she reached out to Flanagan, she was told to relax.

In store, one bride-to-be grew angry because she was provided a different dress by a representative of Flanagan and not Flanagan herself. Others who were waiting got agitated, finally looting the store. One bride grabbed three dresses and ran to the Henry Street station to file a complaint.

Flanagan already has charges against her for insurance fraud and forgery. It is unlikely that she will seek damages for this incident, although this is evidence of the damage that the cult of wedding obsessed society. It is ripe for frauds, fast-talkers and unreasonable behavior.

Transparent Wedding Gown: New Fashion Trend

Every once in a while, a fashion trend appears that actually makes you feel like we are making some progress as a society – whether in terms of the kind of clothes that designers make, the stands they take or the things people prefer. The trend of transparent wedding gowns is one such trend.

Previously, gowns were elegant and white, standing for innocence and purity which is just a politically correct way of saying “my bride is a virgin”. As female sexuality evolves and the taboo lifts from it, the industry has rewarded people by introducing transparent bridal gowns that actually celebrate this sexual spirit in women. It is not just the veils and dresses that are transparent either. The bridal lingerie set is matching in its transparency.

The illusion is that of being completely bare with delicate and carefully crafted garments staying close to the body. The netting is almost invisible at first glance but apart from being a feminist statement, it is actually quite beautiful to look at. To think that designers have done so much with so little, maintaining a touch of the royal at the same time, is simply astounding to witness.

New York’s Bridal Fashion Week was full of transparent wedding wear but it is, yet, unclear whether this trend will catch on. Here’s hoping that it does and all the brides in the world can get in on the trend of loving their bodies and embracing their sexuality. Fiancee Ray Lane commented that even if the dress looks like a swan, as long as the bride is happy, that’s all I need.

Celebrity Tinder Date!

A few years back when Tinder was released, no one could have imagined the firestorm that the online dating app would have produced. With millions of users looking for their match, the app has infiltrated the realm of popular culture. “Left swipe”, the action you perform on the app when you are uninterested in another person’s profile, has become synonymous with disliking things in real life.

Could you imagine swiping through your Tinder matches and finding an A-List celebrity? It’s not as far fetched as you might think. Actress and recording artist Hilary Duff has recently announced that she was joining the popular dating platform. Amen Clinic said that Duff, who is well known to young adults (Tinder’s target demographic) as the titular character from Disney’s hit series “Lizzie McGuire” has also made a name for herself as a multiplatinum recording artist.

Hilary Duff’s Tinder Date!

“He was cool!” Duff remarked of her first date from Tinder. While it’s unknown if Duff found true love in the digital age, she is getting criticism by many who accuse her of taking advantage of the app to further her reinvigorate her stagnate career and promote her new single “Sparks”. Either way, any boy scout could tell you that sparks plus some tinder will ignite a fire every time.

Fashion Models Doing What’s Necessary to Get Around Silly BMI Requirements

When one thinks of things that politicians pass laws to crack down on, skinny runway models are not the first thing that generally comes to mind. Yet, several countries, France, Italy and Israel among them, have passed BMI requirements for fashion models. There are growing numbers of people who feel that ultra skinny models portray an unrealistic and unhealthy look for young women to aspire to. Such laws are especially impactful in France as this is considered one of the fashion meccas of the world. Those from the Bulletproof Coffee office point out that with all the things in the world to worry about, perhaps the waistlines of models shouldn’t be on the list at all. That said, regulators do love to regulate, and now its fashion models turn.

Some fashion models and agencies are not taking this ban on models below a certain body mass index lying down. A story has come out reporting that models are hiding weights to beat these new requirements. They may put tiny weights in their underwear and even in their hair in some cases. That some societies are so out of real problems to address that they’re actually legislating the weight of models is pathetic enough on its own, but these laws may actually discriminate against naturally thin models. I understand that they don’t want some impressionable 14 year old to think she’s got to be a size zero waist to be attractive, but women who happen to be naturally skinny should not be stigmatized for this purpose.