FreedomPop Soon To Offer Free Mobile Service To UK

FreedomPop is known as the only mobile operator that offers its customers access to free data, text, and call minutes, and now according to an article published in The Telegraph it is expanding its operations beginning with the UK. The company has decided to offer its trademark service in the UK as the first phase of its expansion plan overseas.

The service offering will mirror what is available in the US with customers receiving free 200 minutes of calls, 200MB of data, and 200 texts every month after they pay a onetime set up of just £7. Customers that find they need more than that have the option to purchase add on packages to extend their calling time, data, and texts. The packages will be available in £4.99 and £16.99 levels to accommodate different usage levels. In addition, customers can add onto their free monthly allowance by taking third party surveys available through the FreedomPop platform.

Similar to their operations in the US, FreedomPop will not actually own any mobile infrastructure or mobile masts in the UK. They will instead purchase capacity from the Three network and then attempt to cut into the budget mobile market that is currently dominated by major UK competitors Tesco and TalkTalk.

The freedom of free mobile was conceptualized by Stephen Stokols who used to work for BT in the UK. BT did not approve the launch of his idea so he brought it to the US and launched his own product. In the US market about half of the customers that use FreedomPop actually buy extra packages every month which is where the company makes its profit. However, he stated that in order to get positive cash flow in the UK they only need to get 50,000 subscribers.

FreedomPop further aims to streamline their costs by utilizing Wi-Fi networks instead of mobile networks which would keep their overhead cost lower. In an effort to do so Stokols is headed to the UK towards the end of the month to meet with BT and attempt to get access to the company’s Wi-Fi network.

When FreedomPop launches in the UK consumers will have to sign up online, but Stokols is working with high street retailers to allow consumers to eventually sign up in-store as well.

Skout introduces Fuse

Skout is one of the most influential players in the world of social networking, and the company is constantly making new and innovative decisions that are designed to allow people to make new and exciting connections with one another. The people at Skout envision a world in which your mobile device features an address book that will hold the key to your social life.
In order to enact that vision, Skout recently decided to launch Fuse. Fuse is a new and exciting app for people to connect with one another, from the team that has helped 500 million people connect with one another, in more than 180 different countries.
Fuse was recently unveiled by the leaders at Skout on skoutorganic, Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom. Fuse features a clean and exciting interface. The app is extremely easy to navigate, so people can make wonderful connections with one another. The main objective of Fuse is to give people the tools they need to build their own social network. This network will be available on both your smartphone and your tablet.
Fuse is meant for people that are always on the go, and wish to make connections with friends that are available. You can post messages on Fuse in order to communicate with people over their network. Similarly to Snapchat, Fuse allows you to set messages to expire within a set amount of time. Users can set messages to expire in 3, 5, or even 10 minutes. You can even set your messages to show up forever. Just like Snapchat, the countdown for these messages starts as soon as you open the message.
Fuse is also extremely interesting in the way that it identifies users. Users are identified by their phone numbers. There are no profile photos, but there are initials. There are also interesting group dynamics on Fuse. You can ask to join a Fuse group, but once you are in the group there is no kicking you out of the group. You can however chose to leave if you are tired of the group.
The leaders of Skout are Wiklund and Lindstrom, and in their press release the highlighted some of the coolest features found in Fuse. Users are allowed to attach their name to posts, or they can do what is known as Ghost posting. In Ghost posting, users are able to make their posts completely anonymous.
Skout was founded in 2007, and the leadership at Skout believe that Fuse is a natural connection to the original app. Over the course of the next few years, the leadership at Skout believes that the app would eventually have some connection between Skout and Fuse.
The world is becoming increasingly connected, and one of the most important tools in today’s world is social networking. There are thousands of exciting social networking sites and apps available today, but one of the most exciting companies in the business today is Skout. Skout is changing the way that people make connections to one another while they travel.

FreedomPop Is Excited To Keep Expanding To New Places

FreedomPop is a company that offers free mobile services to those who choose to use them, and the company has done very well in the United States because of the different way in which they operate. They have been gaining popularity like crazy, and when they had the chance to be able to expand into the UK, they quickly took it and did that. Now many people are testing out their service in the UK. The company is getting things up and running over there so that more people than ever can be using the free services.

FreedomPop’s free services aren’t the only thing that people are interested in, though. There are many people who are willing to pay for the upgrades that they offer. And, even then, FreedomPop on is still a lot cheaper than most other mobile services. People in the UK are going to be happy when FreedomPop fully launches over there. They will finally be able to save on their mobile bills.

And FreedomPop isn’t about to stop with the Uk. The company is exited to keep expanding and bringing their services to new areas. They have plans to keep going and bringing their company to more people, and people all across the globe can be excited because of that. FreedomPop is a great service, and it is something that has gotten many people interested.

All of these things about FreedomPop and how the company is expanding was all said in an article that was posted on Digital Trends.

3 Steps to Become a Human Rights Activists

In the world where reforms are happening each and every day, change cannot be ignored. Activists recognize the conditions that demand change and relief, yet that relief is lacking, and commit their time and energy towards it. They are people full of passion and a great desire for a better future. In some people, activism is something in them and comes out naturally. In others, activism is aroused following an encounter that distress them or those close to them. Every one, therefore, can become an activist irrespective of their background, means or age. The best thing about activist is that they are confident they can bring about a difference, and they end up leaving the world a better place. This article looks at three steps that can be utilized by those who want to become an activist.

• Passion. Activism begins when a person recognizes that something require to be fixed, amended or completely changed. That recognition makes someone demand change, and this carries with it some responsibilities. For instance, a person might recognize a company that releases raw waste into a local river. Such a person can help bring about the change that will stop the company from polluting the river. An activist is driven by passion and believes that change is possible.
• Find out other efforts in place. Activists often notice that there is actions underway for the change they are pushing for either at the local level, national or even internationally. It is, therefore, important for someone who want to be an activist carry out some research to see where he fit in. A person may decide to join the existing efforts or undertake the process independently. In case there are no existing efforts, he should initiate the change. Today, things have been simplified since it is now possible to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and such, to initiate the change.
• Motivation. People find motivation in different areas. Some have their motivation in politics, education, land and many other areas of human rights. A person who wants to be an activist should follow the cause that motivates him. Following a single cause of activism enable the activist to know how many resources he can dedicate to activism and achieve the desired change. It is also important to decide whether to be a radical or a reformer activist.

At 21, Yeonmi Park has risen to be an activist advocating for North Korean refugees. She became prominent after a speech at the One Young World in 2014 during a summit in Dublin, on her experience running away from North Korea. She is becoming a voice of her people who are suffering and also an inspiration to many people who love freedom all over the world.

How to Effectively Compose and Edit Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia on the Internet. Wikipedia is so popular because practically anyone with a computer and an internet access can compose and edit Wikipedia articles. Since so many people are able to edit so many articles, it is not always a guarantee that the articles’ content will be clear, concise, easy to read, and accurate.

Wikipedia writers and editors must be familiar with the skeleton of the article, and how it should be formatted. The style is pretty straightforward, and can be studied by looking at practically any article. Wiki writing services have rules for pictures, color of text, size of text, size of the article in total, to name a few. Checking on Wikipedia’s writing guide on their website shows this in full detail.

Wikipedia has its own set of writing and editing rules that all Wikipedia users need to abide by. Sticking to these guidelines and suggestions will ensure that your article is easy to read and appealing to readers. If you are writing about a business you own or manage to advertise, adding content to Wikipedia is a great idea. But, how can one write effectively on Wikipedia?

One way is to visit and users the services they provide. Some of the services Get Your Wiki provides include translating any existing article into a wide range of languages offered. Another service Get Your Wiki provides its clients is article composing, editing, and controlling services. The first two options are quite straightforward, but not everybody knows what controlling services are. On Wikipedia, sometimes people edit articles to make them unclear, hard to read, and are usually done with malicious intent. is notified every single time some edits the article in any way, and will return it to its original form before hardly anybody can see it.

Different articles are meant to have different tones to audiences, and being familiar with the proper styles to write in is key to having an appealing article. Are you writing in a summary style, news style, or another style? Know how to format different articles, and what kind of vocabulary to use.

Make sure to give your reader clear information to read about. Nobody wants to read an article that is difficult to make sense of.

Do not use peacock terms: an example if this is “an important person,” or “a great amount.” No need to add adjectives and adverbs if the sentence does not rely on modifications.

Human Rights By Country

Some countries are more developed and civilized than others. While the more developed countries have a healthy respect for human rights, the less developed countries so a little less regard for human rights based on factors such as class, religion, and even gender. People are often treated as less than human just because they are in a different group. A common group that is often violated is women. Women in a wide variety of cultures are treated as less than human. Common examples are being denied certain positions due to their gender. Also, the income of a female worker is often lower than the income of a male working in the same position depending on the country.

Another victim of human rights violations is racial minorities. When people are different than a majority of people in a certain culture, they are often subject to differential treatment as it depends on the culture. Often times, the treatment is that they are denied certain privileges. Sometimes, they are even harassed and told to leave the area. Fortunately, there are people that they can go to in order to present their case. It is also good for people to know when they are violated that they are not alone in what they face.

Many people who have suffered human rights violations at the hands of people in authority tend to find themselves being an advocate for the human rights of others. This makes them very effective in presenting the case for human rights. One could hear the story of the person who has a case and can understand what the person is going through a lot better than one who has not been violated in a way that he or she could recognize. Being there and feeling the discrimination can go a long way towards being effective for people who need to have their story heard.

Among the human rights activists that have experienced the violations is Yeonmi Park on youtube. She has been brought up in such restrictive conditions to the point that she experienced quite a culture shock when she arrived in the United States and saw that people encouraged free expression. Her mother used to tell her to keep her mouth zipped so that she could not be heard and have to face any repercussion from the authorities.

It is important for one to be able to stand up for his or her rights. In order to be able to stand up, he or she needs someone that will listen to that person as the case is presented.

Skydiving Accident Survivor Andy Wirth Takes Seat as Chairman

Andy Wirth, also known as the “Skydiving CEO who cheated death,” was appointed to the board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority in 2013 and has now recently been appointed chairman. Wirth is very experienced in resort management all over the world, and has worked with several airlines to expand flight frequency to resorts in the Tahoe area. This has added to Wirth’s list of accomplishments in his quest to make the Tahoe ski area one of the most sought out destinations in the world for tourists and skiers of all ages.

Wirth works as the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. This is the parent company of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, both ski resorts located in Olympic Valley, CA. He became CEO in 2010 and has since looked to expand the ski resorts, in addition to making them more environmentally friendly. Wirth has a strong passion for environmental issues and incorporates that into his business model.

Wirth is also passionate about community service. He has been a volunteer firefighter and also serves on several other boards, including the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, the Yampa Valley Regional Airport Advisory Board, and the North Routt Fire Protection District.

Beyond his career accomplishments, Wirth is known for surviving a skydiving accident, which severed his right arm. Due to factors beyond his control, and changing winds, Wirth got caught on a pole in a vineyard while making a dive in October 2013. He was airlifted to the Davis trauma center at the University of California, where they were able to reattach his arm on that fateful day. After many surgeries, Wirth was able to return to work less than two months after the accident. Wirth no longer practices skydiving, although he is still an active athlete. After his accident, Wirth co-founded “Wounded Warrior Support,” an Ironman team that honors the Navy SEALs. This Ironman team raises money for the Navy SEAL Foundation to help support Navy SEALs and their families after their return home.

Investment Banking Tips From James Dondero

People need to have a cushion of savings on hand. A nest egg allows the saver to be able to avoid worry in the event of an unexpected emergency of any kind. People save because doing so also allows them to plan for the long-term and think about how they are going to do important things in life such as retirement, purchasing a house they like and helping a child attend the college of their choice. The saver is also able to be calm in the event of a serious problem such as layoff at their job or a problem with their health. Capital can come in very handy in the event of a problem of any kind.

Saving up money is only half the battle. People also need to know how they use their savings properly. Savings must be husbanded in a way that allows the saver to avoid potential losses from inflation that may eat away at their accumulated capital over time. This is why many people turn to the market and the work of skilled investment bankers. Investment bankers are people who have chosen to specialize in the field of effective capital management. An investment banker can show any saver how they can grow their capital and beat inflation at the same time. Many investment bankers have been able to demonstrate to their investors have to use capital to fund a new business or expand a business they already own.

Working directly with a skilled investment banker such as Jim Dondero can be the ideal way for any investor to use the market effective and investigate potential investment opportunities. Mr. Dondero has done a great deal of work in this area. His work in investment banking spans many decades. His firm, Highland Capital Management, specializes in many areas of capital management and growth. Mr. Dondero and his team of skilled advisors have shown to their clients how to explore new potential investments and locate the many unseen opportunities that the market can provide for any single investor.

Those who are planning to invest in the stock market, which is to say most people, can work directly with Mr. Dondero and his staff in order to help them understand how the market works. Many investors are unsure how to do important tasks such as spot potential investment opportunities and locate stocks that are likely to grow in the future as well as stocks that can pay them a handsome dividend each quarter just for a small investment in the stock. The saver who understands how the market works is the saver who will be able to use it well in order for them to effectively grow their capital.

Everyone Should Be Like Brian Mulligan And Have A Career They Love

Brian Mulligan has had a career that has taken him places. He is a man with passion, and that passion for the things that he does has helped him to become a well respected man in the field in which he works. He has had a good, long career of 30 years, and in it he has done a lot to better many companies. His work for all of the different media, sports and entertainment companies has helped them to become ever better than they were before he worked for them. He is just the kind of person who can go into a place, see what needs to be done, and leave it better than it has ever been before.
Brian Mulligan wouldn’t have been able to see that success that he has in his career if it weren’t for the passion that he has for the things that he does. Passion will take one far in their career. One needs to feel strongly about the work that they are doing, and they need to dream big about where they would like their career to take them, if they want to have the kind of satisfying career that Brian Mulligan has had. He didn’t let anything keep him from going after the things that he wanted to do, and now he can look back on his 30 year career and feel good about it. He can know that he had been wise in setting his goals and never settling for any less than what he set out to do.
If one has a passion for doing something, and if they have the ambition to see things through, then they will be able to do as many great things with their career as Brian Mulligan has. They’ll be able to go into multiple companies and make them better. They’ll be able to share their knowledge with the world and impress everyone with the things that they know, and with the passion that they have for their career. Not everyone feels that way about the work that they do each day, but they should. Everyone should follow Brian Mulligan’s example and do something that they love with their lives.

Yeonmi’s Most Anticipated Book

Living in North Korea is not an easy affair if the story about Yeonmi Park is anything to hold into account. Being a girl in the land where tyrants are ruling and controlling the economy has not been a walk in the park for Yeonmi whose story, told by The Guardian, has captured the entire globe’s attention. The girl will be turning 22 in October an in her early twenties she has achieved a lot as an activist and today she is known as the youngest Ubben lecturer in the world. Born in 1993, Yeonmi grew up in North Korea in a family of political elites. However, together with her family she has defected from her home country to find better living conditions elsewhere.

Yeonmi has been has been making headlines for her stances and direct verbal condemnation of the North Korean government. Very few North Korean nationals have had such courage to condemn their leader publicly for fear of being tracked down and arrested. However, Yeonmi has been very vocal about what has been happening in the county on every platform that she has had. She currently runs a radio talk show where she has been very vocal about what the world does not know about the most secretive country in the world. She can be seen as the window through which the world got to see the inside of North Korea.

Due to her publicity and her courage to expose the atrocities and gross violation of human rights in North Korea, Yeonmi Park has had the chance to speak on public forums all over the world. Currently she is looking forward to the release of her book that has been co-authored by Maryanne Vollers. This book is about her escape from the country where she can online defined as to be unimaginable place for people to live in. in order to live in North Korea is a book about freedom and the oppression that north Koreans face under the leadership of ruthless tyrants.

In the book, she explains in details the hardships and survival difficulties in the most repressive country in the world. She chronologically presents her narrowly escape form her mother land through the most dehumanizing means of human trafficking into China. In this book, she explains in detail about her family and their former life in North Korea which was too horrible to even talk about. However, the global acclaimed human rights activist has been bold enough to narrate her story and to let it be told to the entire world. This is despite the fact that the regime has been hitting back on her calling her all sorts of discrediting names. Her book is the closest that the world has ever gotten of the country’s real picture.