Celebrity Tinder Date!

A few years back when Tinder was released, no one could have imagined the firestorm that the online dating app would have produced. With millions of users looking for their match, the app has infiltrated the realm of popular culture. “Left swipe”, the action you perform on the app when you are uninterested in another person’s profile, has become synonymous with disliking things in real life.

Could you imagine swiping through your Tinder matches and finding an A-List celebrity? It’s not as far fetched as you might think. Actress and recording artist Hilary Duff has recently announced that she was joining the popular dating platform. Amen Clinic said that Duff, who is well known to young adults (Tinder’s target demographic) as the titular character from Disney’s hit series “Lizzie McGuire” has also made a name for herself as a multiplatinum recording artist.

Hilary Duff’s Tinder Date!

“He was cool!” Duff remarked of her first date from Tinder. While it’s unknown if Duff found true love in the digital age, she is getting criticism by many who accuse her of taking advantage of the app to further her reinvigorate her stagnate career and promote her new single “Sparks”. Either way, any boy scout could tell you that sparks plus some tinder will ignite a fire every time.

Fashion Models Doing What’s Necessary to Get Around Silly BMI Requirements

When one thinks of things that politicians pass laws to crack down on, skinny runway models are not the first thing that generally comes to mind. Yet, several countries, France, Italy and Israel among them, have passed BMI requirements for fashion models. There are growing numbers of people who feel that ultra skinny models portray an unrealistic and unhealthy look for young women to aspire to. Such laws are especially impactful in France as this is considered one of the fashion meccas of the world. Those from the Bulletproof Coffee office point out that with all the things in the world to worry about, perhaps the waistlines of models shouldn’t be on the list at all. That said, regulators do love to regulate, and now its fashion models turn.

Some fashion models and agencies are not taking this ban on models below a certain body mass index lying down. A story has come out reporting that models are hiding weights to beat these new requirements. They may put tiny weights in their underwear and even in their hair in some cases. That some societies are so out of real problems to address that they’re actually legislating the weight of models is pathetic enough on its own, but these laws may actually discriminate against naturally thin models. I understand that they don’t want some impressionable 14 year old to think she’s got to be a size zero waist to be attractive, but women who happen to be naturally skinny should not be stigmatized for this purpose.

Lilly Comes to Target

Famed preppy brand Lilly Pulitzer is set to swim into Target stores this weekend. Women of all ages are expected to crowd the store for their chance to own this exclusive collection. Lilly Pulitzer is famous for their funky resort print dresses and accessories. The brand was started in the 1960’s by their namesake creator after she discovered prints hid juice stains from her children. In that instant, a legend was made and the likes of Jackio O and other big stars started to wear Lilly’s frocks. The style has not changes much, but the look still remains popular among the Palm Beach set. Now, the Lilly Pulitzer style will be made more widely available to those who like to look like they are on their way to sip oysters on a yacht in the bay too.

Igor Cornelsen has read that Lilly Pulitzer’s Target collaboration is one of the biggest in years. There are over 200 pieces in the collection and many are priced under $30. This comes as good news to those who are eager to get their hands on the entire collection! Chances are the website will be down as traffic overloads the server early Sunday morning. Hopefully, Target will have their team ready to fill the orders as they come in because many women are super excited to get the Lilly merchandise at a serious discount compared to the actual retail prices found in stores.

A Burger King Wedding

Two people fell in love while they were in high school. The boy’s las name is Burger, and the girl’s last name is King. NJbizz said that they ended up getting engaged, thinking about how the last name would sound when the girl would change her name. If she used her maiden name, then she could have the last name of Burger-King. However they do the last name, it is a fun play on the popular fast food restaurant. The couple asked the chain if they could use decorations with the Burger King logo on them at the wedding as a kind of play on the last names. The restaurant stepped up in a big way. The company is donating party favors for the couple to use at the wedding, but it’s not known whether the business will cater the event. This is a fun way to celebrate the love between a man and woman on their wedding day, cherishing the Burger-King wedding.

Gaultier Shows The World How To Keep The Passion For Fashion Alive

Jean Paul Gaultier has been in the fashion industry for nearly 40 years. He is a French couture who has created a designing legacy that will succeed him for years to come. His retrospect exhibit titled “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier” opened April 1st at the Grand Palais gallery in Paris. On display will be items that he has created over the span of his career. Gaultier has created couture pieces for celebrities as wide ranging as Rihanna and Cate Blanchett.

Earlier this year, Gautier ended his ready-to-wear and his menswear clothing line. Gaultier said that the ready-to-wear fashion industry has changed and that it was just becoming too much. Igor Cornelsen has learned that the rigors of the industry mandated that designers put forward eight collections per season, which amounted to 16 collections for the year. Gaultier complained that there were too many clothes and not enough people interested in buying the clothes. So he decided to concentrate his creative efforts into the areas of his career that gave him the most joy.

I’ll have to agree with Mr. Gaultier. If you can’t pick and choose where you want to dedicate your time and energy after 40 years in the industry, then what was it all for? He has built a remarkable brand that includes fragrances, fashion accessories, and clothing for both men and women. And what he wants now, is the freedom to continue being himself.

Indian Brides Surprised at their Wedding

Some Asian countries still practice the marriage arrangements. Needless to say, the couples often prove little interested in each other. Besides that, the two families trying to marry their child sooner hide the less flattering information. Too bad, as some brides really care about the education of their future husbands.

An Indian bride asked her groom to solve a simple mathematical problem- to sum up 15+6. The answer was 17, and it made her leave the room. Sultan Alhokair said the bride’s parents were surprised in their turn, and annoyed to find out that during the negotiations such an important detail as the groom’s poor education had been kept secret. The police mediated the case, compelling the two sides to return the presents that had been exchanged on the occasion.

Another Indian bride discovered last month that her groom had epilepsy when he collapsed right at the wedding. She did not regret what was going on. Instead, the young Indian invited one of the guests near her and continued the ceremony. The groom’s family were scolded for hiding the fact as well. These are the louder cases that made it to get published, but there must be so many other Indian brides refusing the marriages right at the wedding party.

Rihanna Becomes Dior’s New Face

Rihanna is known most for her music and her gifted voice, but she has now made history for something completely new. Rihanna has become the new face for Dior, and that makes her the first black to ever be the face of such an iconic brand. Rihanna deserves this new position for sure, and what happened will be celebrated by all of her fans.

Rihanna is a popular and gifted music artists, and now she has the chance to be something more. As the face of a iconic brand, a whole new world is opened up to the singer. What Rihanna chooses to do with the new position that she has been given will be up to her, but her fans will celebrate what she has been given, no matter what. Rihanna deserves this chance to be a voice and a face for a brand that is loved by many, and as Wikipedia can tell you Dior will definitely benefit from having her as their new face.

Milan Fashion Week Reveals Stunning Hair Trends

When the world of fashion has no novelty in clothes, it is still not a complete failure because you have accessories, shoes and hairstyles to look forward to. The Milan Fashion Week has introduced some pretty amazing hair trends that everyone should try out –

Casual Comb Over – The line between perfect side parting and messing up your fringe in the process is pretty thin. Jil Sander, however, did it pretty well in this look.

90s Topknot – The waterfall topknot is back, thanks to Prada. This look was all the rage in the 90s but Prada’s version is less hipster, more effortless chic. Plus, it lets you use your antique barrettes.

Scrows – Cornrows are swell but a bit outdated. Scrappy cornrows – or scrows – on the other hand, are pretty feisty and fresh. All the accolades go to Trussardi for bringing this look to the world.

Tiara’d Hair – Wearing tiaras is a hair trend because a simple ponytail can be made otherworldly and glamorous by its addition. Dolce and Gabbana, on the other hand, used it to add another dimension to a drab center part in this look.

Super Volume Posh Hair – Christian Broda remembers that, in the 1980s, this look by Moschino was all the rage and now it’s back. Except it’s sleeker, more polished and even more powerful than ever before.

Tiny Faux Hive – Fendi upped the ante with a tiny faux beehive that doesn’t look dress-box like but manages to convey elegance and style.

Ashton Kutcher Wants Diaper Changing Areas in All Restrooms

New father and actor Ashton Kutcher believes that men and women should be treated as equals. The doting dad recently took notice to the lack of diaper changing stations in men’s public restrooms.

The actor noticed, while out and about with his daughter Wyatt that diaper changing stations were not typically available in men’s public restrooms, while most female public restrooms have the devices.

The former ‘That 70s Show’ star took to Twitter to air his displeasure in the genders.
“There are NEVER diaper changing stations in public men’s restrooms,” Kutcher wrote. “The first restroom I go into that has one will get a free shout out on my Facebook page!”

Kutcher also couldn’t help but to gush about his fiancee’s parenting skills.
“She’s so beautiful!” Kutcher commented. “I come home after working all day and everything is neat and perfect. It’s amazing!”

Banking industry leaders tell us that Wyatt is Kutcher’s daughter with actress Mila Kunis. Although the pair only came into a romantic relationship in recent years, they spent years portraying one online as Kelso and Jackie in “That 70s Show.”

What would we do without wine…

The Antique Wine company specializes in fine, and rare wines. This company is based out of London. The Antique Wine Company was established by Stephen Williams, in the year of 1982. The sophisticated company has over 20,000 customers, from 70 different countries. The companies cellars hold over 10,000 bottles of the worlds finest vintages. They are known to break records with their wine collections, even in fine wine events. They broke the world record for the most valuable white wine that was ever sold. The bottle was Chateau d’ Yquem, made in the year of 1811. It was sold for 75,000 dollars. The Antique Wine Company sources rare wines, and holds private classes for mastering wine, and proper cellar planning.
The Grand Chateau series was created by the Antique Wine Company. The series contained hand crafted cabinets, with architectural models, picked from the top nine chateaux in Bordeaux. Each was made to store eighteen bottles from their coinciding estate, which was produced in the twentieth, and twenty first centuries.
Moving onto the buyer of the bottle Chateau d’ Yquem(1811), Christian Vanneque. Mr. Vanneque is a former sommelier. After purchasing the bottle he decided to display it in one of his restaurants. Mr. Vanneque’s restaurant is located in Bali, and is called the SIP Sunset Grill. This is a popular place to dine at. A plus, Mr. Vanneque’s choice of wine is superb. Therefore, no need to worry about being served cheapness in a wine glass.
Back to the Antique Wine Companies most popular recommendations. Firstly, it is one hundred percent Chardonnay,(2011, Celilo Vineyard Chardonnay). It was bottled in White Salmon, Washington. Grown in soil that is pulverized basalt. It is very porous and loose, this helps with deep rooting. This wine has a clean mineral character, and an expensive texture.
Another popular recommendation is the Rioja Grand Reserva(2001). This wine has a sophisticated, fresh taste, with moderately strong acidity, it still grasps an original sandalwood scented, dusty bouquet. The taste combines a multitude of sweet berry flavor, so distinct you can taste the different fresh berries. The satin like finish whispers to you to take another taste.