Olympic Valley Incorporation raises Several Tension

Recent struggles with the drought in Lake Tahoe and the debate over the incorporation of the Olympic Valley, raised several concerns for the fate of the Squaw Valley. As emphasized in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Andrew Wirth shared his take on the issue at hand.

The incorporation of the Olympic Valley was denoted as “a recipe for disaster, fiscal disaster,” due to the likelihood of higher taxes in several businesses and less emphasis placed on community services (such as road maintenance and snow-plowing).

Despite the accusations of pro-incorporation individuals, who mentioned “ill-advised” self-efforts of the Squaw Valley to prevent local residents from making land-use decisions, Wirth disagreed with these interpretations. He argued that the money raised by the organization was also raised for transportation and in the improvement of the community instead of simply raising funds for the land-use decisions to go through the Placer Country Board of Supervisors in California.

Behind it All

Andrew Wirth’s niche resided within the mountain resort and hotel industry. Throughout most of his career, he specialized in many marketing and leadership positions within the job sector. This includes the beginning of his career at Steamboat Springs Resort, and becoming the chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Intrawest, prior to his career as a CEO and president of the Squaw Valley.

While transforming Squaw Valley into one of the most predominant tourist destinations worldwide, Wirth strives to promote climate change awareness by implementing energy efficiency measures through the mountains. In addition, he has a desire for the community to become more interactive towards each other through athletic opportunities (expansion of hiking, etc.) and educational services provided to young children.

Additional associations that Wirth is apart of include the following:

– Humanitarian in the Lake Tahoe area. The territory is located in Sierra Nevada.
– “Wounded Warrior Support team”. They provide proceeds to the Navy Seal Foundation in order for the organization to provide financial aid and support to families of retired/ ongoing veterans.

U.S. Money Reserve Founder Discusses The End Of The Penny

U.S. economists have recently been discussing the best way to make the use of cash more profitable for the country as a whole. PR Newswire is now reporting a CNBC interview with Philip Deihl, President of the U.S. Money Reserve detailing the views of the respected precious metals expert on the removal of the penny from circulation.

The U.S. Money Reserve was established by a group of precious metals experts determined to provide the best options for the general public to invest in government issued precious metals. The company employs specialists in trading and examining the coins issued in gold, silver, and platinum to make sure customers have the largest amount of information possible as they make their investment. The U.S. Money Reserve has developed a strong reputation as one of the leading precious metals dealers in the world.

Philip Deihl has been discussing the end of circulation for the penny on the Squawk Box morning show on CNBC, which saw his views on the continued use of the penny questioned by Andrew Ross Sorkin. The President of the U.S. Money Reserve explained the penny has largely been taken out of circulation by consumers themselves who now conduct around 75 percent of their transactions electronically for ease of use. As only 25 percent of transactions are paid for with cash the continued use of an unprofitable coin has been questioned by many financial experts.

The main question for Philip Deihl has been which coin should be removed from use in the coming years to increase the profitability of the U.S. economy. Deihl believes the pressure for stores and retail outlets would be to round down their prices to remove the need for the penny to be used, which Deihl believes would be of benefit for consumers. Deihl argued the penny would be the easiest coin to remove from circulation because of its high cost of production when compared to proposed changes that would lower the 9.4 cents cost of producing the five cent coin in the U.S.

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Sergio Cortes Keeping Memories of the “King of Pop” Alive

The death of the legendary “King of Pop” Michael Jackson created a void not only in the music industry but also in the hearts of his fans. Michael Jackson was one of the most talented musicians of his generation, establishing himself as one of the most captivating entertainers with his music having a huge chunk of air time. Through his music, Michael Jackson was able to earn the affection of most of his fans hence the news of his passing away was a huge blow to most of the people. Therefore, there was a need to keep his legacy alive hence the rise of Michael Jackson impersonator, Sergio Cortes was necessary.

Sergio Cortes is one of the greatest Michael Jackson impersonators due to his undistinguishable similarities to the “King of Pop”. According to noticias.r7.com, Sergio Cortes emerged as the perfect impersonator for Michael Jackson since his early childhood. Reporters and Journalist used to approach Sergio when he was a teenager requesting to take his photographs which they would sell as actual Michael Jackson pictures. Additionally, Cortes had capabilities such to be able to dance and sing like Michael Jackson gave him an upper hand to be the perfect impersonator. Over the years, Sergio Cortes developed comparable traits to Michael Jackson, for instance, his mode of dressing, mannerism, as well as physical appearance. Therefore, Sergio Cortes took the challenge to impersonate Michael Jackson as a career hence keeping Jackson’s memories alive in the mind of his fans.

Even though Sergio Cortes was born in Barcelona, he decided to move to Brazil where he has established a massive fan base. Sergio’s work is celebrated not only in Brazil but also in South America as a whole where he uses Sergio Jackson as his stage name. Cortes is a client for the Destiny Projects, a company that manages artistic development.

Sergio Cortes has worked to recreate the work of Michael Jackson. He has achieved the recreation through remaking Jackson’s music videos. Additionally, Cortes is well-known for his outstanding performances that are Jackson’s replica due to the high energy, agility, and intensity that Cortes offers in the concerts. Through the gigs, he managed to establish a huge fan base extending from South America to the United States resulting in his popularity in social media including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Through social media platform, he shares entertaining videos of his state of art performance hence feel free to follow him in Facebook and Twitter.

Trends in Global Economy; Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is an executive of BMG bank and a global economic analyst. This time, he looks at how OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) has provided little growth and how the world economy is growing slowly mainly because of China and emerging countries like Brazil coming up. OECD predicts the world economy will grow at 2.9%, quotes Alaor.
The European Union is projected to record a growth of 1.5%, reports the executive from BMG. This growth is realized mainly by Spain’s economy which is predicted to record growth of 3.2%. With the economic reshuffle, the European countries have recognized credit weakness which has been an obstacle to economic recovery partly due to vast numbers of immigrants and refugees. Marcio Alaor reports that the recommendations to combat this situation are, wage increases, tax reforms, public investment and equitable wealth distribution.
Chinese (GDP) Gross Domestic Product is always doing very well since 2001. It has been having a growth of more than 6%. Experts predict that it’s going to do much better in the coming future. Japan is one of the countries has been adversely affected by China’s growth. OECD predicts growth of 0.6% in Japan, reports Alaor. China adopted a fiscal policy of social protection and environmentally related investments which have brought the growth. China has transitioned from investments in infrastructure to industry and finally to consumption and services so successfully that the world economy has stagnated.
Brazil in 2008 realized an increase in per capita income from $ 16,000 to $ 27,000 (a growth of 69%). However, during this period, the inflation rose by 49%, so the real growth considering the inflation was 13%. The increase in per capita income has been brought by the increase in household consumption. The people had to borrow to afford this, thus reduce their consumption for they have to pay back and with interest.
However, Marcio Alaor reports that experts say that they can boost Brazil’s growth by reducing the credit facility, this reduces future fees. Exports in Brazil, after the dollar fluctuated in value by 28% in a few months against the Brazilian Real, have increased. Markets have opened up like agriculture. Beef exports, according to Brazilian Beef (Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries) were 138.7 thousand tons of meat leading to $ 557.3 million revenue, says Marcio Alaor. In technology, companies that record high growth rate are those that develop apps, mobility, Cloud, data center and those offering business management systems, tax systems and payroll systems. This helped Brazilian government in tax collection and reduced evasion reports Marcio Alaor of BMG.

I Feed My Dogs Healthy High Quality Beneful For Ten Years

I have been feeding my dogs the high quality food from Purina, the Beneful company. It is interesting to read that it is becoming a regular new thing to make sure dogs get a well rounded meal fit for a king. Containing healthy ingredients from top companies throughout the world. It has become a necessity as it has done great things for the life of my canine pal. We have been able to demonstrate the importance of healthy vegetables as well as other options. Many people will actually cook themselves great meals that are similar to the great quality that I feed my dog. In fact I find it a trick to eat foods often that are the same. Just the other day I had corn and so did my pup. I prefer how much healthier it is for both of us and we are committed to a much better choice than the only dry food. In fact I would be happy to try it. Here is a great article about how many people are trying this healthy method of feeding their pouch. Healthy Dog Food in the Daily Herald. It is becoming a great thing to do and it is great to see that even the company leaders are not afraid to try and taste the ingredients. That goes to say a lot about the field. It makes me for one much more fonder about buying the all natural healthy goodness of Purina Store’s Beneful. I can’t beat the higher qualities that can be reached.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Hope for a Win With Their New Fashion Campaign

The Pittsburg Steelers may not be famous for their sense of fashion. Usually, they are popular for their outstanding football skills. However, in a recent article on CBS Pittsburgh, the Steelers announced a new fashion line to replace some of their outdated fan gear. The new clothing line is launching just in time to be coordinated with the team’s first home game. The team hopes that fans will be able to choose their new gear that is most likely to show off their personal style. This is a great way to boost sales, gain new fans, and increase team spirit.

Susan McGalla on wikinvest is the new Strategic Planning Director in charge of the new line of team merchandise. Susan McGalla believes that fans will now be able to buy merchandise that personally appeals to them. Rather than just being simple shirts, hats and other accessories, they can now shop to enhance their personal sense of style. With this new line of team gear, fans can expect merchandise from big name vendors such as Pandora, Nike Golf, and Victoria’s Secret. McGalla says that they want to make it simple for anybody to shop from any type of device. It is where the sport meets the street. With a strong emphasis on the female fans, there are options to be able to either dress up or dress down. The team has also launched a new website https://shop.steelers.com/.

Before joining the Pittsburg Steelers, Susan McGalla was CEO of Wet Seal and the President of American Eagle Outfitters. Retail and apparel is definitely McGalla’s game. She knows what will appeal to customers and how to drive profits. Her innovative ideas are what have helped her to become a huge success in the retail business world. With Susan McGalla’s strong knowledge of branding, merchandising, and lifestyle, she is going to be able to help the Pittsburgh Steelers gain a big win with their fans on the team merchandise side. She also wants to be able to implement social media as part of the new clothing and merchandise lines so that both the team and fans can rave about all of the great new products that the Pittsburgh Steelers has to offer. With McGalla in the lead, this new line is bound to be a win for both the fans and the team.

Jon Urbana Fights For Cats Using A CrowdRise Account

Dog lovers usually have the loudest voices when it comes to animal cruelty. But Denver native, Jon Urbana, is changing that scenario a little. His mission is to give cats a voice, and he founded a society to do just that. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is fast becoming one of Denver’s most prominent non-profit organizations thanks to Jon and his supporters. Jon decided to expand the awareness of his organization, so he turned to CrowdRise to help him gain more support for The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society.

CrowdRise puts different charities in the spotlight so people can donate to causes that mean something to them. There are a lot of charities to support, but most people want their money to go to a cause they are connected with in some way. CrowdRise gives people that opportunity. The good news all donations that are received by CrowdRise go directly to the cats. The money is used for food and shelter.

Jon Urbana doesn’t seem like a guy that would pay that much attention to cats. He was a three-time all-conference Lacrosse player and he was picked for all-state twice when he attended Denver East High School. Jon went to Philadelphia to earn a degree. He attended Villanova and was one of best players on the Lacrosse team throughout college. He graduated with a degree in economics and returned to Denver.

Urbana founded the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society as a no-kill cat shelter. That’s a big deal. The amount of cats that are euthanized in the United States each year is out of control, and Urbana wants to end that treatment, made clear in all posts to his blog.

There are plenty of things Jon Urbana could be doing (e.g. his music) instead of focusing on saving cats and providing a better life for them, but he’s not interested. Urbana is on a mission, and he wants all cat lovers to join him on that mission. CrowdRise is helping Jon spread the word. Urbana knows the mission is not a sprint. It’s a marathon with challenges along the way. Urbana says he’s ready for those challenges, and thousands of cat-lovers are too.

A Beneful Diet Creates Healthy Dogs

Dogs are said to be “man’s best friend” and many people consider them part of the family. It is only good sense we would want to take care of their health. We depend on them for companionship, love, loyalty and in some cases protection and they depend on us to take care of their health. Some of the common health problems with dogs are: * Ear Infections This is the most common of dog health issues and can be caused by various influences; bacteria, hair growth deep in the ear, yeast, allergies and ear mites. There are signs to watch for to know if your dog is suffering from an ear infection: * Ear odor * Redness of the inside ear canal * Brown, yellow or in some cases a bloody discharge * Unusual back and forth eye movements * Head shaking or tilting of the head * Excessive scratching * Not being able to balance It is important for your dog to see your veterinarian if you suspect an ear infection. These can usually be cleared by cleaning and medication. With medication, your dog’s ear infection will clear quickly. Worms and Your Dog Common internal parasites found in dogs are; tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. A worm infestation will make your dog uncomfortable. In the case of puppies, worms can be fatal. Signs to watch for if you think your dog has worms: * A change in appetite * A rough, dry coat * Weight loss * An overall poor appearance * Dragging or scooting their behind on floor Treatment will depend on the type of worm your dog has. Visit with your veterinarian to determine which one you need to medicate for. A big factor in your dog’s health comes in the foods you feed them. PurinaStore believes the best nutrition for your dog should be personalized to your dog’s breed, age and current health. Beneful made by Purina is created from real ingredients like meat and vitamin rich vegetables to deliver all the nutrients your dog needs. All of their products meet federal and state regulations and are formulated to help your dog thrive. They have a variety to meet all the needs of your pet; three varieties of original, a healthy weight formula, keeping a puppy healthy formula and an active dog formula. Whatever stage of life your pet is in, Beneful has a nutritious and flavorful food on Walmart for you to keep them healthy.

Skout Is Where I Display My Love For TV Shows And Movies

I don’t use Skout in the traditional sense. I specifically use Skout for one particular reason. When I use the Skout network, I share my love of TV shows, music and movies. I have made tons of friends on the Skout network, and my favorite’s list is overpacked. The people I talk to on the Skout network are very fun, and we all discuss one show or another that comes on each week. We literally have a time that we all go on the Skout network to discuss a certain show that may have come on the day before.

There is one show in particular that started in early 2015, and it’s a hip-hop drama that has amazing music and Academy Award nominated stars. The show is known as the number one show on TV, and it is now back for a second season. We all gather on the Skout network on Thursday evenings to discuss the show from the night before because the show plays on Wednesday nights. Our discussions are unbelievable, and we’ve even drawn in some new people into our conversations, and Skout even has another network that allows me to start my own social media network and talk to several people at once.

Another show that we love to discuss is a zombie show that comes on every Sunday. We were thrilled to find out that they were creating an exact copy of the same show with different characters in a different city. Everyone goes crazy talking about this show on Mondays on the Skout network, and it goes on like this throughout the week. We meet three times a week or more to talk about different shows, but if a movie is exciting enough, we’ll be on Skout to talk about it as well.

Sometimes, some of the people that I talk to on Skout are too busy, and they can’t join in the conversation, so they’ll actually message me on Skout, and I’ll give them information about the conversations we had earlier. Skout has brought a lot of fun to my life, especially since I have people to talk to and ask questions when I don’t understand something that I’ve seen in a show or movie. I absolutely hate being the only one who didn’t understand something I’ve seen, and having friends on the Skout network makes it a lot year find out what I missed in a show or movie.

Another thing I love about Skout is the fact that I can use it as a place to date, which I haven’t worked up to yet, but I’m definitely thinking about it. Skout truly leaves your options open!

Doe Deere Inspiring Women to Be Leaders

Women leaders are often risk takers who are assertive, goal oriented, and have strong persuasive skills. Doe Deere is a female business leader who came to the United States from Russia and created her own cosmetic line Lime Crime. She began a DIY fashion line on eBay and got inspired to create a cosmetic brand that included bold and bright colors. By 2008 Lime Crime was launched and began to attract a large following of fans.

Doe Deere begins each day as the CEO of Lime Crime by meeting with her creative director and coming up with goals and ideas for projects. Afterwards, Deere meets with the President and Vice President of the makeup line to make sure that everyone in the company understands the direction that the company wants to go. Then, the CEO works on developing new products with a chemist or directing advertising visuals. Her strong leadership skills help her company stay profitable and relevant.

Lime Crime is a cosmetic line that is cruelty free. The makeup is not tested on animals. In fact, Doe Deere tests the new products on herself before they go into production. She believes that she must live and feel the product in order to stay authentic to her customers and company. Deere knows what she wants her company to stand for and has a clear picture of what her clients want. She believes that women in business should stay optimistic when dealing with business situations and the public.

Deere began her company with only a little money and a vision. She wants to inspire women to do the same. She encourages her fan base to pursue their dreams. The CEO of Lime Crime believes that inspiration is important for female leaders to have. she encourages women not to give up on daydreaming because they can lead to bigger and better things.

Cosmetics should allow people to express themselves. For this reason, lime Crime has become a favorite makeup line to cosmetic bloggers. The colors are vivid and can help users create a totally new look. In fact, Lime Crime makeup can be used so that clients can create totally new looks each day depending on their mood and social life. Doe Deere began as what she described as a “Plain Jane” but discovered how makeup can help inspire new dreams. She encourages fans to stay creative and find their passions.

One business strategy that has led to Lime crime being successful is that Doe Deere treats her employees, partners, and vendors with respect. The business leader wants to help uplift people’s spirits and drive them to achieve their goals.