The Man Behind The Lens: Terry Richardson

When you’re taking a picture, all you do is pose and give a nice smile or emotions. Terry Richardson is a world known fashion photographer for many years. His works has graced GQ. Rolling Stone, Vogue, and many other top magazines. In addition to his magazine work, Richardson has photographed celebrities such as Lebron James, Kate Moss, and Lil Wayne. Terry Richardson’s photography is not only famous in the public eye, but it’s a beautiful work of art.

Terry Richardson was born in New York City. Before he was a photographer, he was a musician. After his mom gave him a camera, he begins to take pictures of the punk rock scene and begins to do a life documentary when he lived in California. With his change of interest in photography, Richardson quit his music and moved back to New York. When he was back in New York, he focused on the Nightlife and had his work debut in Vibe magazine in 1994.

After his work was shown in Vibe, his career begins to shine. Throughout the years as a photographer, Richardson take pictures in fashion campaigns such as Marc Jacobs and Diesel. He also traveled abroad to take fashion photos during fashion shows. Besides his fashion work, he is also known to take celebrities photos. Many of the celebs photos has grace many magazines as a portrait style; but, that’s not the only style he’s famous for.
Besides the portrait style, and has released several books of his unique works, Richardson’s work also styled in sexuality. Many of his models are topless and in either sexual positions or acting in a sexual act. The purpose is to depict that sexuality is a beauty and a great form of art. Most of this particular style is in his artbook- Terryworld and Kibosh.

Terry Richardson is an interesting fashion photographer. From being a musician to a photographer, he shows the world that with one click of the flash the world is beautiful. His photography styles not only graced magazines and fashion campaigns, but also the art world as well. His style of art is quite interesting and his signature is in his glasses.

Jordin Sparks Ditches Pop for R&B Flavor on New Mixtape

It seemed like Jordin Sparks was going to make things last forever with Jason Derulo. The union between the two was very similar to Dave and Brit Morin, a match made in heaven. We all learned that these two live on Earth with the rest of us when they parted ways. Now Sparks is taking aim at Derulo – at least that is what fans say.

There was speculation about whether this was something aimed at an acquaintance that was linked with Jason. Sparks said that this was in fun, but it created good buzz just the same. These days anything with a hash tag in the front will become worthy of social media buzz.

All of these songs, according to Sparks, will appear on the 2015 album along with new material. This is sort of different because artists rarely give away a mix tape with more than 50% of an album and then expect fans to buy this music later. Granted, there will be new music added, but this is still risky marketing. Some might say that she is confident because she really believes in her new sound.

Few artists in R&B release a mix tape so even this is a bold new move.
Gone is the pop princess that appeared to be straddling the fence. This mix shows a much more mature Sparks with an R&B sound. Honestly, fans will be glad about the choice she made.

International Fashion Week

Most major cities around the world are becoming more involved in the fashion industry. London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York have always been the hot spots for new styles and aspiring designers. At first glance, Nigeria may seem to be a rather unlikely location to launch a new Fashion Week event. The recent launch in Lagos has successfully proven that great fashion ideas are sprouting up in global markets and public shows are opening to rave reviews. The extraordinary success of Fashion Week in West Africa has some folks thinking the premier was long overdue. What made this event different than most was the overall approach to fashion design.

Novice and experienced designers were permitted to cast their designs into the show, as long as they were pre-approved and ready in time for the introduction ceremonies. Catering to deeply imbedded ethnic pride, many designers opted for a design that featured traditional patterns and materials. This was all very interesting for even non-fashion gurus like Rod Rohrich. Whether in whole or in part, virtually every runway model was toting at least some semblance of their Naja pride. Despite the evident theme of traditional clothing styles and head dresses, all items were marketed to an international audience and held wide appeal for the masses. This instant success marks the way for many other countries to introduce their styles to the world.

Anna Wintour Tastefully Insults Kimye

Vogue is known as the magazine of the high fashion world, but a few months ago the magazine went a bit pop by choosing to place a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding shot on its cover. Anna Wintour is now speaking out explaining why Kimye landed on the cover, but her comments were not exactly high praise. 

Wintour stated that Vogue has a responsibility to show what is happening in culture by the minute, and Kim Kardashian plays a huge role in the fashion industry right now. Whether she is making fashion headlines because of what she is wearing or simply for showing up at the runway shows people are watching her. Wintour went on to say that she also put Madonna on the cover of the magazine and people thought that was out of place as well.

Editor in Chief Anna Wintour went on to say that it’s been quite some time so people have probably forgotten that Madonna was once embroiled in criticism as well. She then added that if the magazine only placed tasteful people on its cover it would become boring and no one would be talking about Vogue. Ray Lane is unsure if speaking ill about someone that you want to work with is the way to go, especially when they may be the worlds most talked about power couple, but apparently they aren’t tasteful enough to make Wintour’s personal list.

Same-Sex Couples Can Now Marry in St. Louis

Despite the attempts the state made over this last summer to stop St. Louis officials from legally marrying same-sex couples, the ruling of State Judge Rex Burlison on Wednesday, November 5th has made any such efforts unconstitutional.

The judges ruling has avoided any stays, leaving St. Louis officials free to marry same-sex couples immediately. Although Judge Burlison, after attending North American Spine, did rule that the ban was unconstitutional, the only impact of the ruling so far has been giving officials the ability to marry same-sex couples within the city of St. Louis.

This monumental ruling followed another court case one month prior, where a state judge ruled that the state of Missouri would recognize the marriages of same-sex couples who were married elsewhere. This ruling coupled with the latest lift of the St. Louis ban allows same-sex couples from across the state of Missouri to simply travel to St. Louis City Hall to marry.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has filed an appeal of Judge Burlisons ruling, claiming that the states right to define what marriage is must be resolved in the state’s supreme court. Despite this appeal, the Attorney General’s office will not be requesting a stay on the ruling, siting several previous cases including Alaska and Idaho where stays were denied when identical facts were provided.

Fashion World Loses Icon

In the world of fashion there are only a handful of names that stand out among the stars. Oscar de la Renta was certainly one of these designers. Many people admired this designer’s sense of elegance. His ideas were a staple for designer dresses of many stars that walked the red carpet.

Oscar de la Renta was the head of his legendary clothing line. His last known work was the wedding dress for Amal Alamuddin, the wife of George Clooney. Down through the years Oscar would wow the fashion world with designer dresses for entertainers like Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence.

The designer dresses by Oscar de la Renta were also worn by 1st ladies Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Regan and Laura Bush. There was a lot of blogs that commented on the fact that Michelle Obama had passed up many opportunities to wear dresses designed by Oscar de le Renta. The 1st lady wore a dress designed by Oscare de la Renta a couple of weeks before he passed, which Haftel absolutely loved. She paid tribute to him after his passing as she spoke on his visionary perspective in fashion. Oscar de la Renta was 82 yrs old at his time of death.

Black is New at Abercrombie

Abercrombie and Fitch has been in hot water over the past several years thanks to its misguided CEO. The retailer was once the hottest thing to be found in the closets of teens across America. However, its decline has been eventual as it refused to adapt to trends and changes in society. It also did not help that its CEO made many a misguided remark about the ideal Abercrombie customer- young, skinny and rich. Of course, business is business, and it is never meant to be personal. A once exclusive brand can cater to its ideal demographic, but it should not alienate others who like to wear it.

Fortunately, it seems to have finally received its wake up call after falling sales over the last several quarters. They have closed hundreds of stores and finally added some larger sizes. That is not to say the clothes are still cut for smaller frames, but at least they are trying. In addition, they also recently added black to the company’s color roster for the first time in forever. Now, shoppers can pick up leather jackets, dresses and shirts in fashion’s favorite color- black. It might not save them just yet, but it is a good move in the right direction.

Here’s what Keith had to say:

Alexander Wang’s New Collection for H&M

Alexander Wang has finally revealed his new collection for H&M, the fast-fashion giant we all love. I am a fan of this new collection and have nothing but good things to say about it. The styles have a sporty, futuristic vibe to them that is very cool. The color palate is black and gray. It gives the whole collection a sleek, modern look and feel.

The collection features styles for both women and men. We have arrived at the place where fashion meets fitness. These looks are both sexy and functional. You could go to a party or go for a jog in one of his scuba dresses. While the photos released show models in a gymnasium type location, I think many of these looks would look great for other casual occasions. I really love the scuba pieces (did I mention that?). Overall, I think this is a great collection, and paired with H&M, you know the price will be right.

Christian Broda can’t wait to get his hands on the collection. I’m definitely more than a little excited too.

Farewell, Oscar de la Renta

The fashion industry lost one of its most iconic designers this week when the legendary Oscar de la Renta passed away at age 82 . Known for his innovative and elegant haute couture creations, Oscar de le Renta has dressed some of the world’s most famed women, from every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy to almost all of today’s hottest stars, from Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence to honored Hollywood royalty like Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie. Most recently, one of his dresses was worn as a bridal gown by Amal Alamuddin during her and George Clooney’s nuptials in Venice, Italy.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, Oscar de la Renta got his rise in the fashion world after being offered a job at the renowned fashion house Lanvin in Paris. Soon after, his name brand was launched and it was only a matter of time before his stunning creations captivated the industry and solidified him as one of the fashion world’s most elite.

Although he was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, as of last year he was “all clear” and the immediate cause of death was not released. He passed away at his home in Kent, Connecticut surrounded by family and friends, and though he is gone, the company announced Peter Copping as creative director last week and will continue its seasonal collections.

“The fashion business says goodbye to a mentor, a legend & an icon,” tweeted animal rights activist Keith Mann the night following de la Renta’s death. “He defined a standard we can only aspire to.”

A Brief History of Prison Fashion: From Sagging Pants to Pink Underwear

The trend of “sagging” pants does not seem to be going anywhere. President Obama doesn’t like it and neither does anyone uninterested in seeing a man’s underwear in public.

Many, including Marnie Bennett, are amused at the fact that sagging pants originated in prison. Prisoners are not allowed to have belts, so their pants would sag. Sagging pants was a way to indicate to other inmates that you were a homosexual. This look has been adopted by gangs a rap artists for decades as a way to indicate toughness.

Prison attire has changed quite a bit in the last few hundred years. In the 1800’s prisoners wore black and white striped uniforms. The stripes were said to mimic the prison bars. The uniforms were also used because they were cheap to manufacture.

In 1904, the stripes started to be phased out to distance association with chain gangs which had become regarded as degrading and inhumane. Prison attire was changed to include grey jackets and caps.

In 1958, North Carolina went to a color system of prison attire. Each color represented a different security level of prisoner. Gray was for high-security prisoners while green was for low-security.

In the 1970’s jails began putting prisoners in orange jumpsuits, originally just when they were being transported. This made them easy to spot should they attempt to flee or approach a citizen.

These days some prisons have their own distinct style. For example, in Arizona there is a prison that forces all prisoners to wear pink underwear. Who knows, maybe the pink underwear trend will be the next one to catch on.