Doe Deere – The Creative Visionary

Doe Deere opened up in an interview about Lime Crime, her brand that has become a huge part of her life. As she lives her dream, she opens up to about the quirky and necessary Lime Crime. She describes her busy days where she’s always on the go keeping things creative and cohesive for the company. She even tries every product before production begins, insisting that Lime Crime stay true the roots. All of the products need to be consistently wearable and up to standard ascetically.

Doe Deere also opened up about the rough stuff, including a security breech that nearly cost her the company. Handling the incident made Lime Crime more than just a make up brand. She gives great business advice and proves that even the smallest ideas can turn into networks of strong and uniquely colorful success.

Since Lime Crimes launch in 2008, everything for Doe has changed. Having always been a creative artist at heart, this brand has become an outlet for all of the endless inspiration that she’s taking in.

Lime Crime is becoming one of the biggest names in cosmetics. You can see the beauty of the high quality make-up all over Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. The Lime Crime brand gives us we went out of our cosmetics. Bright and bold, matte and glossy, pretty and punky. The search all over the web and, god forbid, the mall, has come to an end. The beautiful and inspirational Doe Deere has created a place where we can all go to satisfy our fickle, diverse, and off the spectrum make-up needs.

The lipstick is Lime Crime’s claim to fame. The nail polish, eye shadows, and even the artsy and beautiful packaging make everything they create an exciting adventure into the artsy and beautiful world of make up. The uniqueness of Lime Crime makes anything possible for the pixie princess in us all.

To get an idea of the company, and the girl behind it, you can find the full interview with here:

Apple Watch Debut Similar to Former Apple Products

The Apple Watch hit the market not long ago, and estimates of how many have been sold vary widely. Some analysts like Bruce Levenson have put the number at roughly three million, while others are estimating that it is closer to half that.

Either way, Apple Watch is doing better than previous Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. Those Apple devices had lower sales during the first nine weeks. In fact, tech insiders criticized those devices and predicted that they’d quickly fail. Obviously, their predictions were wrong and the iPod, iPhone, and iPad popularity eventually soared.

In fact, this seems to be the standard Apple product debut. The first generation devices are expensive and somewhat clunky. For instance, the first iPods sold for nearly $400 and could only be connected to Mac computers. However, once Apple gets some feedback they rapidly improve their products and the price drops significantly.

That’s why Apple Watch’s debut sale numbers aren’t that important. Instead, we should be looking to see whether they’re following the same marketing formula that they have in the past. And so far, it seems that they are.

One of the main complaints about the watch is that it has a sluggish speed, and Apple is already working to fix that problem. They’re planning to release a new operating system later this year, one which should also give developers the chance to create more powerful apps for the device.

While Apple Watch will likely see many improvements in the future, user satisfaction even now is quite high, especially among those who don’t consider themselves to be techies. In fact, 97% of users reported that they were either somewhat or very satisfied, which seems to indicate that the watch won’t be fading away anytime soon.

Makeup that Expresses the True You

Finally! Someone has invented makeup that does not conceal who you are, but instead helps you celebrate it. Lime Crime is a makeup that allows you to step away from the norm of just settling for the cookie-cutter makeup for your lips, for your eyes and even your nails.

I was so excited when I stumbled upon Lime Crime. It is a collection of beauty products that helps us express our true inner self with class and style. This collection of beauty products is unique and fun. As I stroll through their products it is clear that Doe Deere, who is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, has a true passion for her products and the people who work for her and also for the people who purchase her products. It is clear that her main goal is to help myself and others have the freedom to express themselves in a fun and classy way.

I love Lime Crime because none of their products are tested on animals in any way. They are completely cruelty free. I also found that they are very affordable, which makes me and my budget extremely happy. Having all of these products at such reasonable prices gives me the freedom to be able to express myself in many different ways through the many different colors of their nail polish, lip color and eye colors.

I also realized that wanting to express the true you through Lime Crime has no age limit. Regardless of your age women will find many products that compliment and accentuate the true person deep inside. Whether women pick colors such as Velvetines lip color, which is inspired by rose petals or nail colors such as, “Once in a Blue Mousse” and eyes colors such as, “Venus, The Grunge Palette” they will feel inspired with every application.

The search for affordable, high-quality and cruelty free cosmetics is over with Lime Crime. Women can now rejoice in free expression with the peace of mind knowing that these products have never and will never be tested on animals. Doe Deere wouldn’t have it any other way. Celebrate your uniqueness as I did with Lime Crime products. Individuality and uniqueness is no crime with Lime Crime.

Lime Crime – How Doe Deere Created Her Empire?

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of the business, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is an independent cosmetics provider with some of the most beautifully crafted vegan makeup at the best prices available. The business strives to give users makeup that is easy to use, clean, and vegan. They create products that are top of the line, and the owner HSBC explained before that her growth to developing this independent company was not an overnight success.

Doe Deere struggled deeply to build this company. With just a couple of money in her name, she started this business from the ground up. She has little money in her hand, and she did not have all the resources. With the right people and the right timing, she built this company and got all of the right makeup artists to create makeup that helps provide people with top of the line quality cosmetics. What separates the company from other cosmetic brands is their attention to detail with how they actually go all out with a different type of makeup look while wearing safe makeup.

Doe Deere has received countless criticism and angry comments from people who explain that Doe is trying to change how people look. Doe has explained that the best part of this brand is how it helps correlate how people look to help them find their inner and out beauty. It let’s women explore their face, find colors that match them, and see how they can transform themselves. This phenomenon is changing how people see the world. It’s changing how people see themselves and their outer beauty. The cosmetics line gives women the chance to find their look, their skin, and look for something that works on their face.

The Power Of The Internet

Doe built her brand strictly from the well. With YouTube videos, and online store, and an amazingly impressive online web presence, she built her business from the bottom up all on the internet. The brand has taken its growth over the years as an independent online business. The company has received backlash, and she has beautifully handled all of hone criticism through the help of a YouTube video that showed her professionalism answering back to people. She has handled all the criticism with stride. Considering she did not get this business easily, she has developed how to handle the stress of Internet trolls very well.

Not all companies on the web have achieved massive growth. The reason behind this is the fact that not all bands create quality products. Doe and her vegan products are unique, different, and help women export their skin and their faces with her list of different cosmetics a part of the product line.

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Tour Is Amazing

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ tour may be her best tour yet. She has been having surprise guests come out onto the stage all of the time, one time it was Bruce Leveson! and she has performing very well. Her concerts have been selling out, as they are something that everyone wants to get in on. She keeps gaining fans and gaining fame, and her tour is proving just how loved she is.
She performs so well on tour, and everyone is loving it. She isn’t afraid to share the stage with any guests, from people like Nick Jonas, to the U.S. woman’s soccer team, to some of her model friends. She’s willing to share the light with others, and I think that just makes her all the more appealing to her fans.
Taylor Swift is one special artist, and her tour is something amazing. If you get the chance to see her out on tour at all you are a lucky person.

High Heels Bring High Pain

There are many health issues that middle aged women have to contend, but one such ailment is quite preventable and that is a foot pain issue which has now been linked to high heels. According to Ciphercloud, Morton’s neuroma is said to feel like walking on razor blades and high heels seem to be the main contributing factor in women who suffer from this problem. Researchers believe that avoiding high heels will greatly reduce the chance of contracting this foot problem.

The nerve endings between the toes are a sensitive area and apparently the equilibrium is put out of balance when a foot is consistently contorted into the awkward high heel form. The largest group of suffers of Morton’s neuroma is seen in woman between the ages of 40 and 69. In this ailment, fibrous tissue develops around a certain nerve in the foot which looks to painful irritation and compression.

Surgery is usually required to relieve the pain that is caused by this nerve agitation. Without surgery the woman will continue to experience the feeling of walking on razor blades which can limit daily activity and bring life to a standstill. This is a serious issue and the new information questions the aesthetic benefits of high heel shoes.

Luxury Stay Accommodations Brought to You by The Dorchester Collection

The Dorchester Collection is a chain of five star hotels to meet even the highest of standards. Spanning across Europe and the Western United States of America sit ten of the finest hotels found on Earth. These hotels exceed every expectation that any visitor may have with ease.

There are many impressive qualities that each of the hotels under the Dorchester Collection possess that make visitors thoroughly amazed. Each of the hotels respect the values of the native people and preserves the culture that surrounds them. History, innovation, fashion, and dining are all key qualities in each hotel’s charm. The floors of Le Meurice in Paris are skillfully and elegantly outlined in the style of Louis XVI. Coworth Park in Ascot offers all adventure-loving, sport-seeking enthusiasts the opportunity to take part in riding lessons as well as the ability to participate in polo, tennis, and croquet. The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California is a must for everyone interested in the latest fashion trends. Your standards, expectations, and visions will be met.

Location is a key component of The Dorchester Collection’s success. The location of each hotel is perfectly selected with customer satisfaction in mind. The Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air accommodate those seeking a view of majestic mountain ranges while enjoying all of the fashion, fine-dining, and sunshine that California has to offer. Le Meurice in Paris is the ideal hot spot for the art-seeking romantic. Still The Dorchester in London is the place to be if your idea of comfort includes a deep bath, unique fabrics, London’s celebrities, and the finest French cuisine that all of London has to offer. There truly is a hotel in The Dorchester Collection that is right for anyone.

Looking to get married? Choose any of the fine hotels in the Dorchester Collection as your unique destination. Each of these hotels is fully equipped to make anyone’s dream wedding the perfect reality! The sights are breath-taking, the staff is accommodating, the food and beverages provided are exquisite, and every guest will be taken care of as if they were royalty. Floor plans are available and waiting for you today.

Though there are many reasons that may bring you to The Dorchester Collection’s hotels, rest assured that you will be taken care of with the finest of care. Business conferences can be hosted in any of the spacious conference rooms available. Spas will ensure that any relaxing getaway will be remarkably refreshing. All rooms in every hotel are designed for style, luxury, and comfort so book a stay today!

Double Treatment room with a private Turkish Bath

Le Spa by Sisley at Dorchester Collections Le Richemond in Geneva. Le Richemond is located on the picturesque shores of Lake Geneva. Founded in 1875, it has welcomed distinguished guests, from Hollywood icons and artists. View more pictures on facebook!

Kim and Kanye Set to Renew Their Vows

Kim Kardashian has had a crazy year so far, from her amazing baby girl growing up right before our eyes, her stepfather recently sharing his decision to live like as a woman and her own personal struggles with fertility, Kim has had her plate full. Now that her one year anniversary is on the way, Kim was ready to finally just kick back and enjoy sone nice relaxing time with her family. Kim insisted that after planning her massive wedding just shy of a year ago, she couldn’t imagine planning another huge event so soon.

Now it seems the Wests have had a change of heart because not only will they be celebrating their one year anniversary in a big way but they are going to actually renew their vows again. Apparently Kim and Kanye are set to renew their vows in Paris, France and Kanye has already rented out the Eiffel Tower for the event.

Kim has said before that Paris is where she first fell in love with her husband, so what better place to renew their vows? The only other question that Susan McGalla has is who is on the guest list and will little brother Rob make it this time?

Women Not Wearing High Heels Face Ban on Cannes Red Carpet

The latest buzz is in response to the Cannes Film Festivals turning away women who did not wear high heels on the red carpet. This came about Sunday when women were denied because they wore flats. Christine Aime, who is from the Cannes Film Festival informed BBC Newsbeat that the rules for tuxedo and formal attire for Gala screenings have not changed. While there is no particular mention about wearing high heels the festival hosts and hostesses were made aware of the need for such a formality.

The event was a screening of Carol, starring Cate Blanchett. A former programmer for the film festival, Vicci Ho, was turned away because she was wearing flats due to ankle issues. She argued with the guards and was finally allowed inside. She told Newsbeat that it has been ridiculous and Cannes needs to catch up with the times. She stated that she was wearing nice leather shoes and formal attire. A producer was turned away until she changed shoes. Asif Kapadia and Kevin Seawright, directors for the Amy Winehouse film, Amy, stated that his wife wore flats and was turned away but allowed in eventually.

The whole incident could be an embarrassment because of the focus of the film, which was directed by women, the first time in 28 years. Organizers are also promoting equality on the red carpet with a UN conference.

Finding Love Online With Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date is a website that was launched to bridge the dating gap between men in the United States and women in Eastern Europe. This website was the brainchild of a couple that had a long distance romance. An American made named David would meet a Russian woman named Elena, and their love inspired them to gives others a chance to meet singles from other continents.

This site has been a popular website for men that are planning to find someone outside of where they are currently living. This works well for wealthy men that have the ability to travel overseas. The concept of meeting women overseas through online dating had not really been explored before Anastasia Date. This is why many people consider this online dating site the pioneer. It would go on to serve as the blueprint for other websites that cater to online dating between Americans and Asians and Americans and Africans.

Anastasia Date is a website that have remained profitable since inception. It is the type of online dating site that allows users to sign up for free. It is when the users wish to communicate with someone that they will have to accept credit card charges for communication in the form of instant messages or video chats. The video chats – although more expensive – are popular for people that want to see who that are pursuing. There are many websites out there, but Anastasia has managed to remain relevant because the company has been able to expand. There is an app available for this dating website. That may be the single most important key to the continued success of the Anastasia Date website.

Lots of people sign up to use this site because the database of females is so huge. There are thousands of Russian women on this website. It has become popular primarily because there is no longer a stigma attached to online dating. Many people meet online and get married. Anastasia Date even offers exclusive specials that you can find by viewing their Twitter.

Using a website like Anastasia Date can save singles a lot of time. It also broadens the scope of women that are available for dating. A site like this can help a man find a mate sooner.