Vows Recited To Brides Daughter Leaves Guest In Tears

Weddings leave everyone emotional and crying tears of happiness. But, when groom Brain Scott not only recited vows with his bride but to her daughter as well, there Flavio Maluf says there was not a dry eye in the place. A video from Brain and Whitney Kay’s wedding was posted on social media not long ago has already gotten around 1 million views and over half of them views came from within the past day.

In the vows that Brian swore to 6 years old Brielle, he promised to comfort her, protect her, skip down the street with her, and ultimately show her how a man should treat a woman by setting an example with his relationship with her mother. This is a moment that not only Brielle will remember forever, but their entire little family as well. NASCAR’s Brian Scott is a man others should look up to. He will be a great step dad to Brielle and a great dad to the son him and Whitney just brought into the world this past November.

Wedding Bells Without the Flowers

When two people want to get married, they often seek the assistance of a florist to get the flowers they need for the ceremony. One florist in the state of Washington could go to court because it refused services to a gay couple. The florist is run by an owner who is a Christian. This doesn’t mean that the florist has to deny making flowers for a wedding. The reason the florist didn’t sell the flowers to the couple is because of her religious beliefs. Bruce Karatz even said when a state acknowledges that gay and lesbian couples can get married, then they should be afforded the same rights of having the wedding that they want, just like everyone else. There are people who might not like the fact that couples of the same sex can get married, but that’s their decision if they want to be happy. No one should stop two people from being together, including a business that is only there to supply flowers.

Meet Best Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich In A Life Journey

Wedding season is quickly approaching and for many of us that means hitting the gym, starting that diet you’ve been putting off and getting fit to fit into that bridesmaid dress. However, what if you could get rid of those problems in only an afternoon. I recently spoke with Dr. Rod Rohrich about his plastic surgery practice and learned all about his truly fascinating impact on cosmetic surgery.
Texas-based medical veteran, Dr. Rodney Rohrich leads a successful career. He chairs the UT Southwestern-Medical-Center and has been a component of the faculty for over two decades. His main specialty includes plastic surgery, but he’s a board-certified professional who practices cosmetic reconstructive techniques. Dr. Rohrich’s main focus includes bone and skin tissue restoration. He practices reconstructive surgical techniques on the face and hands too. He has done work which involves corrective procedures to enhance the body such as breast implants, skin aging therapy, etc.

Dr. Rohrich serves the medical community as an educator, an author, and a visionary. As a top industry veteran, he’s a recipient of multiple accolades and awards. He’s a respected industry pioneer whose influence has reached the global sphere. He invested in starting a medical career twenty-eight years ago and has propelled to success in ways unimagined. Dr. Rohrich grew up in North Dakota where he funded an education at the UND (University-of-North-Dakota) and NDSU (North-Dakota-State-University). He then relocated to study medicine at Texas-based University, Baylor College. His years spent at Baylor in Houston, Texas are memorable. Baylor is the fountain of his inspiration. Dr. Rohrich graduated from Baylor as a highly decorated student and decided to return after completing his residency. He’s a graduate of the respected UMICH (University-of-Michigan). During his residency, he worked closely under the guidance of prolific mentors Dr. Stephen Mathes, Dr. Reed Dingman and Dr. William Grabb. Dr. Rohrich pursued training at Harvard’s MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Oxford University’s The Radcliffe Infirmary.

Dr. Rohrich has remarkable skills and his work showcase ground-breaking techniques, which separates him from other plastic surgeons. He has made appearances on the Oprah-Winfrey-Show, The View, Good-Morning-America and top-featured tv shows. Besides being an industry pioneer in plastic surgery, his clients see him as a compassionate character. Dr. Rohrich has partnered with multiple medical factions, including top-ranked hospitals UT Southwestern-Medical-Center (University-of-Texas-Southwestern-Medical-Center), the Children’s-Medical-Center-of-Dallas, Baylor-University-Medical-Center, Veterans-Affairs-North-Texas-Health-Care-System and Medical-City-Dallas-Hospital.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rohrich has twenty-eight years of field experience. He’s a member of the ABPS (American-Board-of-Plastic-Surgery). He’s a licensed Florida-State and Texas-State medical practitioner. He has received certification as a hand surgeon with twenty-five years of fieldwork. Dr. Rohrich is a recipient of multiple America’s Top Doctors awards by Castle Connolly. D Magazine has recognized Dr. Rohrich for his remarkable work as a top-ranked plastic surgeon in 2012.

Style for Spring 2015

In 2015, the fashion world is going to amaze us with latest and creative designs, especially in spring of 2015.

In the upcoming weeks, we will experience spring 2015 collections in New York Fashion Week. There are rumors that the theme will be on 1970s, for class, elegance and motivation. The designers will be seeking from 70s, about the style and grace.

As per the “Annie Hall” of 1977, the pants of men will have little spark in the spring 2015. Spark means shine here, so this must be, cleared from the minds. Moreover, shiny jumpsuits and tailored jackets collaborated with wide leg trousers can be the big themes in the upcoming summer collection as per Bowring.

Many forecasters have anticipated that long hemlines with mid-calf skirts can be, continued in the fashion week. On JusBrasil, that seems to be the case. Also, culottes, wide-leg, big, not short dresses, have been speculated by many forecasters and fans such as Gianfrancesco Genoso in the upcoming New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

The collections in these fashion weeks are, expected with various shades of colors, especially in purple and lilac. We can expect those big bouquets, with these apparels for the Hawaiian theme. Seriously, this will be a great fun to watch 70s again in 2015 by the fashion industry; it will be a great tribute to that panache.

Snakeskin Clothing Stirs Claims of Cruelty

Recent fashion shows have features numerous items made of snakeskin, and celebrities have begun to carry around python-covered handbags, much to the consternation of animal activists and outspoken proponents of wearing animals as clothing.

Although fashion houses generally claim that these skins come from farmed snakes, and comply with an international convention that restricts the trade of endangered animals, some claim otherwise.

According to consultant biologist Clifford Warwick, raising snakes in captivity is too expensive to make it worthwhile, and claims that snakes take too long to mature.

Clifford questions the idea that snake farms are capable of raising so many animals each year, and makes the claim that instead they are being hunted in the wild. He points to the fact that each year snake skins are becoming smaller, indicating a decline in the popular species. Bernardo Chua isn’t worried just yet though.

He also calls into question the method in which snake skins are harvested, outlying a cruel process that involves stripping the skin while the snake is still alive. Rather than encourage this behavior, says PETA’s Yvonne Taylor, people should opt for artificial snakeskin products, as there is “no such thing as an exotic ethical skin”.

While the controversy rages on, there is likely to be no solution. The fight over animal rights and human desire is a long-lasting one that may never be resolved, but could perhaps be quenches with some more humane alternatives.

The Color of the Year is…

Marsala has been named the 2015 Color of the Year for fashion and design by the Pantone Institute for Color. The rich, earthy red brown tone of Marsala makes it the perfect color to wear by itself, or to create a beautiful accent. The color is strong and bold, but can also be subdued if needed. Named after a rich red wine, the color Marsala is beautiful, bold and full. The color is hearty enough to be used in fashion, industry, home furnishings, accessories and more. Expect Marsala to invade the retail market, in clothing, home décor, and paint very soon.

Each year the Pantone Institute of Color announces the color of the year for fashion, based on a discussion amongst color teams from several nations. These teams look at trends and culture and how colors are being used, which blows the mind of Jared Haftel and others. After a couple of grueling days discussing many important factors, a color is chosen and announced by Pantone.

Dolce and Gabbana’s Bronzer Duo

High-end designers Dolce & Gabbana have created a bronzer duet that is meant to add an even glow to the skin and contour facial features. The duo is made from two pressed powders, one darker than the other.

Jared Haftel says the product gives the skin a shimmer that makes for a complexion that looks healthy and sun-kissed. The darker powder is used on the hollows of the cheeks to give the illusion of a slimmer face. The dark bronzer can also be used on the bridge of the nose to make the nose appear more proportioned to the other facial features.

The bronze duo comes in a signature Dolce & Gabbana case, which makes the makeup product particularly impressive. It is small and easy to carry, so women can bring it along with them when going on a trip to the beach or any other summer soiree.

Obama Golf Game Ruins Soldiers Wedding

Natelie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr., both captains in the U.S. Army had their wedding plans disrupted by President Obama’s golf game. The couple planned to say their vows at the Kaneowe Klipper Golf Course. The golf course is located on a Marine base in Hawaii. Which turned out to be an unfortunate choice because it was also one of Obama’s favorite golf courses. The couple was given less than 24 hours notice that they
needed to find another wedding location due to the president’s visit which caused them considerable emotional stress. Fortunately, the couple was able to move their wedding ceremony to a nearby backup location.

Of course, the White House claims to have had no knowledge of the scheduling conflict which is interesting because the couple had received a letter declining the wedding invitation that they extended to Obama right before they were told that they needed to change their wedding location.

President Obama personally called the couple to apologize for the incident. The couple reportedly had a “wonderful” conversation with their commander-in-chief that made their day, although I would have wanted a huge iTunes gift card or something to help ease my pain…help me buy some Skout points for god’s sake.

Members of the military are subjected to daily hardships that are hard to fathom by civilians who have never served in the military. These sacrifices now apparently include changing wedding plans at the last minute so that Obama’s enjoyment of a golf game can proceed uninterrupted.

Mayhem: The Next Generation in Fashion

In more breaking news that one should doubt if it qualifies as breaking or news, a 4-year old has been deemed a fashion prodigy, and is working on designing the next line for J.Crew. Yes, the J.Crew of yuppies who are vying for their next overpriced and overhyped cotton or wool masterpiece to add to their artfully crafted wardrobe. And get this: her name is Mayhem.


The prodigy, like all other art prodigies, is well-versed in many mediums, but is especially taken with paper and tape. That’s right folks; get ready to invest $400 in a sweater conceptualized by someone whose holiday wish list consists of a stick pony. That might not be the style of Susan McGalla, but others will jump on it.


Huffington Post has dedicated an entire 14 slides photographing the genius twirling around and taping things on other small children. Mayhem looked most composed and ready to dish out the latest trend while sitting on her daddy’s lap. In what may be the most controversial and intelligent design to be conceived of yet, Mayhem’s final creation was a flower she glued together with beads. I am sure the fashion world will be ranting anf raving for the next Coco Chanel for quite some time. People, consider yourselves #Blessed for being alive in such a rich and blooming era for the fashion and art world. Look out Donatella, here comes Mayhem. And it won’t be pretty. Actually it probably will be. Mayhem, the fashion icon, is born.

The Man Behind The Lens: Terry Richardson

When you’re taking a picture, all you do is pose and give a nice smile or emotions. Terry Richardson is a world known fashion photographer for many years. His works has graced GQ. Rolling Stone, Vogue, and many other top magazines. In addition to his magazine work, Richardson has photographed celebrities such as Lebron James, Kate Moss, and Lil Wayne. Terry Richardson’s photography is not only famous in the public eye, but it’s a beautiful work of art.

Terry Richardson was born in New York City. Before he was a photographer, he was a musician. After his mom gave him a camera, he begins to take pictures of the punk rock scene and begins to do a life documentary when he lived in California. With his change of interest in photography, Richardson quit his music and moved back to New York. When he was back in New York, he focused on the Nightlife and had his work debut in Vibe magazine in 1994.

After his work was shown in Vibe, his career begins to shine. Throughout the years as a photographer, Richardson take pictures in fashion campaigns such as Marc Jacobs and Diesel. He also traveled abroad to take fashion photos during fashion shows. Besides his fashion work, he is also known to take celebrities photos. Many of the celebs photos has grace many magazines as a portrait style; but, that’s not the only style he’s famous for.
Besides the portrait style, and has released several books of his unique works, Richardson’s work also styled in sexuality. Many of his models are topless and in either sexual positions or acting in a sexual act. The purpose is to depict that sexuality is a beauty and a great form of art. Most of this particular style is in his artbook- Terryworld and Kibosh.

Terry Richardson is an interesting fashion photographer. From being a musician to a photographer, he shows the world that with one click of the flash the world is beautiful. His photography styles not only graced magazines and fashion campaigns, but also the art world as well. His style of art is quite interesting and his signature is in his glasses.